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HEADLINE: Fleetwood Mac sued over songs

Bob Welch, once a key member of the hugely successful rock band Fleetwood Mac, has filed a suit against members of the group and Warner Bros. Records claiming they owe him for songs recorded while he was with the band.

The breach of contract suit was filed Wednesday in L.A. Superior Court against "Mick" Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie and Warners records.

Songwriter-performer Welch recorded more than 50 songs -- and co-wrote or wrote 23 songs -- from the time he joined Fleetwood Mac in 1971 to his exit in late '74, the suit said. Welch was a major force on the band's highly praised "Future Games" album.

Welch says he and the other band members agreed he would get an equal share of royalties and signed contracts in 1978.

Welch thought the agreement was being followed until last year when he "discovered breaches," the suit said.

"Mr. Welch has fond memories of his years and accomplishments with Fleetwood Mac," his attorney, Anthony Kornarens, said. "Unfortunately, he was unable to amicably resolve his differences with the band." The defendants could not be reached.

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