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Danny Kirwan
I'd just like to add my voice to those others who miss Danny's early departure from the music world, on the heels of the brilliant Bare Trees and Future Games albums...I was playing those songs out with my band at the time as if they were my own.."Child of Mine" was a toboggan ride of a rock song that was the vehicle of a truley transcedant experience that happened one night while playing it....I had heard that Danny was feeling better as of late, and as I and others hope that one day we might hear that guitar ring once more.....Oh to all..
mike schiffer

Little Danny of mine
Fantastic, I've always been a big Kirwan fan and agree that he was often overlooked as the Great Peter Green's sidekick by many. However, if you listen to his work without Peter (eg Sands of time/sunny side of heaven), you will see what a genius he was and what a great talent was lost (not taking anything away from Mr Green of course). I got very excited when I saw that there was a recent-ish Danny interview as no-one really knows what he's up to now (ie still playing guitar? still drinking? etc.) I agree that it is a little brief but the simple fact that it's there has made my day. Cheers!

Incredibly Under-rated Danny
I'd hope that the remaining members of the Original Fleetwood would help Danny out and push to give him the acclaim he deserves. I hope and hope that Danny will start playing again and be on an even keel. I agree 100% w/Juan's thoughts. Although Danny said he didn't get along so well w/Peter G., it certainly doesn't reflect in the exquisite "Searching For Madge" in which the two guitarists "danced" together - as did Elvin Bishop and M. Bloomfield w/Butterfield. There should be an album (and promotion) of Danny's songs, ie., "Coming My Way" - such a distinctive vibrato sound w/soul, and so young.

Danny's Interview
This is a fascinating albeit all too brief insight into Danny Kirwan's thoughts. Mr Kirwan is the most underated musician in popular music history. For someone to have been in a musical institution such as Fleetwood Mac it boggles the mind that Danny's work hasn't been rediscovered a la Nick Drake or Big Star. Adding insult to injury, we all know how he has his various problems thruout the years. A major campaign to reintroduce Danny's music with FM and his solo work to discerning music lovers everywhere is most needed.
Juan S. Alemparte


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