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Los Angeles Times (09/23/2004), Fleetwood Mac's co-founder still goes his own way

Los Angeles Times, September 23, 2004

Fleetwood Mac's co-founder still goes his own way
My Favorite Weekend: Mick Fleetwood
by Karla S. Blume

Mick Fleetwood's name is forever married to Fleetwood Mac, the band he helped create almost four decades ago. Whenever Fleetwood is not touring the globe with his staple group or his new project, the Mick Fleetwood Band, the 57-year-old Woodland Hills resident hits Sunset Boulevard -- or the links.

Street Life

If I were to walk an entire street in L.A., I would pick Sunset Boulevard because on the west end you have the rich people, the blue sea and the good life, and then on the east end you have the not-so-rich people, the gray cement buildings and the inner-city life.

Once I'm on the west part of Sunset, I like to head for the Kings Head Pub in Santa Monica for a taste of England. I like to order bangers and mash, shepherd's pie or have a "farmers lunch," which includes pickled onions, cheese and an apple. To wash it down I'd pick any good German lager.

My favorite formal restaurant is Geoffrey's in Malibu. I had my 50th birthday party there. I usually gravitate toward steaks or the lamb chops, but be sure to ask the waiter for mint jelly, because it doesn't come on the plate.


My manager is a member of the Braemar Country Club in Tarzana, and for years now I have been blessed to have access to their golfing grounds to practice the game I love so much. I used to be asked to participate in charity golf events, and I'd make a complete fool of myself. Then about five years ago, I decided to buckle down and actually take golfing lessons. My game has improved, but golfing is a sport truly suited to the good life of retirement, because playing 18 holes does take the better part of four hours, and who has time to do that every day? Another one of my favorite golf haunts is the Malibu Golf Club.


Another one of my hobbies is taking photographs. Although I'm not at the stage where I develop film myself, I have started a project, which I hope to turn into a book one day, which features people who smoke in L.A. I'm going to call it "The Outsiders." Many of the pictures I have taken depict the small gatherings of folks who hang outside business buildings huddled around a sand-filled stationary cement ashtray. I am fascinated by seeing men in Armani suits in the dead of winter freezing their unmentionables off just to have a cigarette, and you think to yourself, "Wow, he must've really needed a smoke."

He loves L.A.

One of the ways the city of L.A. has impacted Fleetwood Mac is evident in our song "Tusk." It was originally influenced by the USC marching band. Our band is blessed to have great audiences in every city we tour, but in terms of atmosphere and excitement, our favorite place to play is L.A., because there is a mixture of family and friends who inspire us to be the best we can be onstage that night. Quite often we end our tours in L.A. to make an otherwise sad final night of performing into the happiest celebration possible.

Thanks to MS for the submission.

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