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Barnes & Noble (09/2004), In the Meantime

Barnes & Noble, September 2004

In the Meantime
by David Sprague

Since bowing out of Fleetwood Mac a few reunion tours ago, Christine McVie has flown under the radar more effectively than a trained Air Force pilot. But on this, her third solo album -- and first since splitting from her longtime mates -- McVie reveals neither burnout nor rust. In point of fact, her singing voice is every bit as mountain-stream pure as it was during the Mac's heyday. Some of In the Meantime's dozen tracks recall that era vividly. The easygoing rocker "Friend," for instance, could readily be played back-to-back with something like "Say You Love Me"; "Sweet Revenge," on the other hand, transposes one of McVie's signature melodies onto a more modern, angular set of rhythms. She also proves willing to venture out of her comfort zone with regularity. The languid "Northern Star" skates into the icy-cool soul territory that Annie Lennox has inhabited for ages, while the darkly resonant "Calumny," on which McVie explores the lower range of her vocal register, has something of a late-'60s Brit-folk air about it. In the Meantime proves Christine McVie is in possession of a rare skill -- that of subtle reinvention, an ability to move forward without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Thanks to deribish for posting the article to the Ledge.

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