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Santa Barbara Independent (07/29/2004), Reviews: The Mac Attack

Santa Barbara Independent, July 29, 2004

Reviews: The Mac Attack
Fleetwood Mac At the Chumash Casino, Sunday, July 18
Derek Svennungsen

Confession #1: Fleetwood Mac has always been my parents' band, which is to say I've never liked them. I run from the terms usually associated with FM, like "soft rock," "adult contemporary," and "laid back."

Confession #2: Like most Americans, I can sing along with at least a dozen Mac songs.

Confession #3: Like most Americans (male and female, I'd bet), I've had a lusty crush on Stevie Nicks since forever.

Confession #4: I had a great, great time at their concert Sunday night at the Chumash Casino. Let me explain.

I had no idea that Lindsey Buckingham could play guitar like that. He was absolutely dazzling, combining obligatory cock-rock moves with fierce, impassioned solos that had nothing to do with "soft rock." At least three times, he whipped himself into a frenzy that, even after a year and a half of touring, seemed totally spontaneous, totally unhinged. He threw himself around like a punk rocker, and even when he brought out acoustic guitars, his playing never slipped below manic. That was completely unexpected, and most welcomed by the legions of drooling fans.

There was Stevie, lovely Stevie, hovering and fluttering over the stage in her transparent shawls, looking like the possessed apparition that gives her songs their haunting, ethereal quality. Her voice was strong and dusky, and her presence mesmerized me.

And the sound was huge! Mick Fleetwood's drumming was backed by two other drummers, and John McVie's workmanlike bass playing chugged and throbbed perfectly.  Mick's 15-minute drum collage was bizarre, exciting, and hilarious. 

Confession #5: The hits sound way better live. And they played a lot of them, opening with "The Chain," and moving skillfully through their catalogue. The lesser-known songs allowed Lindsey or Stevie to steal the spotlight, and then they would launch into another one of those indelible pop hits the world loves.

Confessions #6 & 7: My wife owns their greatest hits cd, and I've been listening to it since the show, foot a-tapping. And I hope Mick Fleetwood is right when he says "The Mac will be back!" 'Cause I'd definitely see them again. 

Thanks to MS for the submission.

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