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Shadow Legends
Fleetwood Mac starts out slow, but proves they've still got it
y Pablo Seaman

Stevie Nicks looks awkward, and out of sync with the band.  Lindsay Buckingham appears to be playing licks from the previous song.  The drummer, Mick Fleetwood acts as a man possessed, and the bassist John McVie looks asleep.  It just the third song in a three hour set, and Iím thinking of cutting out.

Ms. Nicks, the progenitor of adolescent angst for a generation of men, has transcended from the Hot Mamma of the í70s, to the Hot Mom next door.  Dressed in vibrant scarves and flowing robes she exudes sexuality in an almost Florence Henderson sort of way.  All thatís missing is the Wesson oil.  Stevie has always been beautiful, it is just now she appears to be in some time warp.  In fact everyone in the Tyson/Gateway Chicken Coop appears to be in some sort of time warp.

Thatís the thing about Legends in concert; trying to make the reality of the present match as the brilliance of the past.  From the players, to the audience, to the beer vendors, we all squint and hope the magic still exists.  The band wants to improvise, make the old songs interesting and new with subtle changes, but we in the audience resist. Many of us have memories attached to these songs, and we would like them faithfully reproduced. 

And then something happensÖ

It came for me, when I heard a touching duet with Lindsay the lead guitarist, and Stevie the lead vocalist and ad morph of this dysfunctional musical family.  Once partners, lovers, companions; their famous relationship now exudes casual professionalism and affinity.  However, unless they are brilliant actors, it is obvious they are still in love in some transcendent way.  The emotion, the interplay between them is compelling theater, and in a seemingly very innocent way, quite sweet.

My wife reacted to their clear and beautiful rendition of the acoustic classic ďLandslideĒ with tears.  As their set zigzagged from old to new songs and back again, Fleetwood Macís members gained more confidence.  Soon, the sedate and conflicted players of the present, became the geniuses of the past. Demanding attention and delivering stunning solos and synergy, they were generous with their time and compelling with their artistry.  

So, am I going to run out and see Jefferson Starship in Lodi, California.  Iím not sure.  But for one brief shining moment Rock & Rollís Camelot was shining on a hill in our own Sioux city.  Iím glad I was there to see it.

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