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Star-Telegram (06/17/2004), Beefed-up Fleetwood Mac pleases crowd

Star-Telegram, June 17, 2004

REVIEW: Beefed-up Fleetwood Mac pleases crowd

DALLAS - Fleetwood Mac visited the Smirnoff Music Centre and, much to the delight of the Wednesday night crowd of 12,000, brought along most of their hits and a few tracks from their 2003 release, Say You Will.

One of their lyrics, "Even children get older; now I'm getting older too," certainly applies. But guitarist Lindsey Buckingham seems especially adept at keeping Father Time at bay. While vocalist Stevie Nicks approaches some of her songs a bit differently now, Buckingham seems to have basically the same voice he had on Rumours. And his playing is stronger, as he demonstrated with an acoustic guitar on Never Going Back Again, one of the highlights of the fast-moving, two and half hour show.

The band, beefed up to 11 members for live purposes, certainly met the expectations of the crowd. But there were a few things this show could have done without.

Unfortunately, it was hard for the new songs to compete with the classics surrounding them. And good though he was, some of Buckingham's lead work was way overwrought and unjustified. Nicks' little look-at-all-my-veils dance moves, which were just silly when she was young and svelte, have now reached the level of ridiculous. And there was no excuse for Mick Fleetwood's endless drum solo that dominated the encore set.

But hearing rock immortals like Dreams, Go Your Own Way and Tusk still done well makes it easy to overlook a few excesses.

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