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Hartford Courant (06/10/2004), Fleetwood Mac's Trip Down Memory Lane

Hartford Courant, June 10, 2004

Fleetwood Mac's Trip Down Memory Lane
by Sheryl Hunter

They may sing "Go Your Own Way," but Fleetwood Mac members have discovered they are better off sticking together.

It's been almost three decades since "Rumours" was released, but Fleetwood Mac is still singing those same pop-rock songs that helped define the '70s.

In 1997, the band members regrouped (after playing at Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993), and last year they recorded their first studio album in 15 years. They have been touring ever since, minus keyboardist Christine McVie, who decided she had had enough.

The band brought its current tour to the Meadows Music Theater Tuesday night and, if nothing else, provided an unabashed trip down memory lane.

"Most people know what a long strange trip we've been through together, but here we are," announced guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, acknowledging the group's tumultuous past.

The crowd was thrilled to have them. Sure, the hair is grayer, the waistlines thicker and the voices rougher. But Fleetwood Mac, aided by a seven-piece backing band, delivered the goods.

The audience, who obviously grew up with the band's many radio hits, danced and sang along to such old favorites as "Gold Dust Woman," "Rhiannon," "Landslide" and "Sara."

The Mac also worked in some of its new songs from the current "Say You Will" release, a few of which, like the radio-friendly "Peacekeeper," were surprisingly well received.

Stevie Nicks, who recently had to cancel a couple of shows because of throat problems, struggled during the set opener, "The Chain," but glided into "Dreams" and was in fine voice throughout the rest of the evening.

Rock's reigning gypsy woman may no longer twirl around on stage with abandon, but she is clearly the force that holds the group together. Buckingham, with his fancy fretwork on the guitar, may try harder, but it was Nick's number from her solo career, "Stand Back," that clearly was a high point for the fans, who also responded to her touching version of "Beautiful Child."

Drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie provided their famous rock-solid rhythm foundation throughout the evening (though Fleetwood played too lengthy a drum solo during "World Turning"), and Buckingham, while dazzling during a solo acoustic version of "Big Love," was also prone to overlong soloing.

These flaws aside, Fleetwood Mac now seems content to perform as a greatest-hits act - and fans could not be happier.

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