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The Republican (06/11/2004), Fleetwood Mac looks back, forward

The Republican, June 11, 2004
Fleetwood Mac looks back, forward
by Donnie Moorhouse

HARTFORD - Fleetwood Mac officially kicked off the summer concert season at the Meadows Music Centre Tuesday night with a two-hour performance that was as much a look ahead as it was a retrospective of the band's storied career.

Still working off the momentum gleaned from a 1997 reunion tour, Fleetwood Mac drew an estimated 15,000 fans to the outdoor shed, delivering a perfect mix of new songs and old hits on what turned out to be a perfect night for an outdoor show.Even though Christine McVie has opted out of the most recent jaunt, the band still retains the essence of Fleetwood with the star power of Stevie Nicks and a renewed focus on the guitar playing of Lindsey Buckingham.

While it may be Buckingham's turn in the spotlight, and while it may be Mick's (drummer Mick Fleetwood) band, it is definitely Stevie's audience.

The crowd rose to an ovation at the outset with the band kicking into Nicks' "Dreams," and they remained standing though every Nicks' song of the night.

The band made up for the loss of Christine McVie by overindulging with side players. The group added two guitarists set up behind bass player John McVie, a second drummer, a percussionist, and two back up singers.

Buckingham led the band through "Peacekeeper," as the cross-generational, weaned-on-rock crowd roared its approval. It was one of several songs, including the title track, offered from their latest release "Say You Will."

Nicks was the star of the evening, teasing the audience with half-turns with outstretched arms, hinting at her signature onstage twirls as a red shawl hung from her shoulders. She received ovations for "Rhiannon" and a strong rendition of "Landslide" accompanied only by Buckingham's guitar.

Buckingham seemed to realize he would have to work considerably harder for his rewards and was up to the task. While many fans took to their seats as soon as Nicks left the stage, Buckingham brought them back to their feet with several monster guitar solos.

The group worked the stretch drive with a stripped-down "Beautiful Child," along with Nicks' full-twirl take on "Gold Dust Woman" and a declarative "Stand Back" before closing with "Go You Own Way."

The encore was marred by Mick Fleetwood's drum solo, which featured him yelping unintelligible scat while banging every flat surface on the stage. He also worked away at the electric drum pads sewn into his vest, a gimmick he has been employing for several years now.

The solo served as marching orders for thousands of fans that opted for a head start on the traffic. The band returned to rescue those left with solid versions of "Don't Stop" and "The Chain."

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