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Citizens' Voice (05/28/2004), The are back on tour

Citizens' Voice, May 28, 2004

The Mac are back on tour

There are many marks of musical success, a familiar litany of units sold, seats filled and charts topped.

But there is another measure more meaningful still: the simple love of the art of the song that overcomes all personal and professional travails, transcending trends and standing the test of time. It's evident in the unalloyed joy that comes from creative collaboration, a commitment to a lifelong partnership that is greater than the sum of its individual parts. It's the mercurial magic of real rock & roll.

It's Fleetwood Mac.

With "Say You Will" which came out April 15, the new album from one of the most original and enduring bands in the history of popular music, Fleetwood Mac reinvents the interactive chemistry that has sustained a genuinely legendary career.

Beyond the multi-platinum stats, the tour grosses and the trappings of pop stardom, this storied aggregate of strong wills, potent talents and tangled histories has sustained a common musical bond since the group originally formed in 1967, fashioning, in the process, an unequalled body of work. That, by any measure, is a sterling standard of success.

So, too, are 18 tracks that comprise the tune stack of "Say You Will". But behind the songwriting, the craftsmanship and the performances and productions that are all part of the band's writ-large signature, "Say You Will" tells a story of near-heroic determination, patience and fortitude, a creative saga that makes this music even more meaningful.

"I'd been working on a solo album for a long time," explains Lindsey Buckingham on the genesis of "Say You Will". Busy in his home studio well before his involvement in "The Dance", the group's acclaimed 1997 in-concert reunion album, Lindsey goes on to recount how he recruited both Mick Fleetwood and John McVie to provide a rock solid rhythm section on selected tracks from his solo work in progress.

"It was a real catharsis," he reveals. "We really hadn't been in the studio since "Tango In The Night" in 1987 and getting together again, working on new material, really reaffirmed our fighting spirit. We had a quasi-intervention and then got down to work."

"We were originally going to get together for a few weeks," recounts John McVie. "It turned into a year. The fact was, we were enjoying ourselves tremendously. I wouldn't say it was exactly like old times. It was better. We'd all let a lot of things go and were free to concentrate on the music."

It was this unspoken agenda that eventually presented itself to the remaining members of the group.

While Christine McVie opted out of continued involvement, Stevie Nicks, the voice and songwriter behind some of the band's most memorable hits, answered the siren's call.

"It was just before I started touring for my solo album 'Trouble In Shangri-La,'" Stevie relates. "I knew the guys were working together, although at that time none of us had any idea how it would turn out. Lindsey asked me if I had any material lying around, so I gave him a collection of 17 demos I had done, stretching from 1976 all the way up to some songs that didn't make it onto 'Shangri-La'."

"Once we got Stevie's songs, the recording took on a life of its own," remarks Lindsey.

"Without anybody really saying as much, we knew we were doing the next Fleetwood Mac album. It was a very organic process. John and Mick and I spent the next six months working on Stevie's material while she was on tour and when she got back we presented her with the results."

"From the beginning we were all after something extraordinary," Mick picks up. "The last thing we wanted to do was tread water. With the abundance of material we had, we thought we might lose focus, and although painful, we managed to cull it down to 18 tracks."

Nearly seven years after Lindsey had begun work on what was to be a solo album, "Say You Will" was complete, and with it, the renewal of one of popular music's most influential and enduring bands.

"Creative tension never dies," remarks Stevie.

Fleetwood Mac will release the " Live In Boston", a deluxe DVD/CD package, spotlighting a wealth of music spanning their epochal career and including selections of their latest studio album, acclaimed "Say You Will" June 15.

Recorded for the prestigious PBS Television series Soundstage, "Live In Boston" features two DVD's with 24 selections comprising more than two hours of the legendary group in concert at the Fleet Center near Boston, Mass.

Additionally, a live 10-track audio CD will be included. "Live In Boston" will be released in conjunction with the premier of the 2004 Soundstage season, June 17, when the Fleetwood Mac performance will be aired nationally on PBS affiliates. Check local listings for date and time.

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