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Idaho Press Tribune (08/01/2003), Fleetwood Mac getting older too; so what?

Idaho Press Tribune, August 1, 2003

Fleetwood Mac getting older, too; so what?
Review: Buckingham and Nicks delight Idaho Center audience
By Dusty Parnell

NAMPA - The Idaho Center was packed with Stevie Nicks fans Tuesday night, and they were delighted to see and hear the lady and her songs as Fleetwood Mac churned out two dozen songs and a couple of encores in the two-and-a-half-hour show.

Nothing I could possibly say would change that delight. (And besides, who needs 5,000 phone calls?) But I think what did change was that all those Stevie Nicks fans became Lindsey Buckingham fans, too, by the time the evening was over.

Buckingham was really the only one with any animation on the stage, and he entertained the audience throughout the show, literally attacking the guitar strings in his own slap-happy style without a guitar pick. Yes, during "Tusk" he stopped his antics long enough to stalk Stevie Nicks around the stage like a drunken high school kid, but the crowd loved it.

Fleetwood Mac has always been one of the strangest bands in rock. Originally a blues band, it has seen numerous incarnations, from Peter Green ("Oh Well," "Black Magic Woman"), Jeremy Spencer and Danny Kirwan, Bob Welch ("Hypnotized"), Christine Perfect/McVie, and then the addition of the Buckingham and Nicks duo.

For most Mac fans, there was no Fleetwood Mac before those two joined. Christine McVie and bassist John McVie were married. Buckingham and Nicks were also a couple. Then both couples broke up. But the band continued to become one of the superest super groups of all time. The album "Rumors" cinched the deal despite, or possibly because of, the internal strife.

The fact that Christine McVie chose not to join the tour made the evening very much of a Nicks and Buckingham show. In fact, pretty much the only song that wasn't a Nicks or Buckingham song was the encore, Christine's "Don't Stop."

In a world of Stevie Nicks fans, I am apparently one of the rare Christine McVie advocates, so for me there was an important element missing from the Fleetwood Mac we've listened to on the radio for the past quarter century. (No "You Make Loving Fun" for example.)

But that didn't stop the fun. Or the loving.

Although Nicks' sultry, gypsy aura doesn't come off quite so mysterious-like anymore, all she had to do was spread her shawl-draped arms out like a bird and spin around a couple of times for the crowd to scream in joy. They were easily pleased by anything she did.

John McVie, for his part, stood his ground most of the night, booming out his distinctive bass lines, though the speakers sounded overdriven for the size of the arena.

And Mick Fleetwood. How do you describe a wild-eyed giant of a drummer who is fond of making facial expressions that would make you think "escaped lunatic" if he sat next to you on the bus? During the encore of "World Turning," he played a drum solo on electric drum pads attached to his vest. Wild. And wild man.

Other highlights during the show included the opening number "The Chain," an acoustic "Never Going Back Again," "Rhiannon" (of course), "Landslide" (of course - again), "Gold Dust Woman" and "Tusk." Buckingham did a wild guitar god thing that got the crowd excited on "Come," from the latest album. And for the second encore, Stevie sang "Goodbye Baby," also from the latest album "Say You Will."

Fleetwood Mac. The band refuses to die or fade away. And it will certainly never be forgotten. And as Mick Fleetwood said when he left the stage - something he has probably said countless times in the past 30 years - "the Mac is back."

Thanks to Les for the submission.

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