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Sunday Mercury (11/30/2003), Uplifting Return of the Mac

Sunday Mercury, November 30, 2003

Uplifting Return of the Mac
by Bob Haywood

IT may be geriatric rock -but Fleetwood Mac are back big-time.

I suppose the Anglo American band will say they never really went away but with founders Mick Fleetwood (drums) and John McVie (bass) within sight of their free bus passes, it might have been time to call it a day.

After all,
Fleetwood Mac, who've sold 73 million albums worldwide since hitting the charts in 1967, have been regularly troubled by what Fleetwood calls 'creative tension' and changes of personnel.

But the band is halfway through an exhausting 10 month world tour to promote their latest album, Say You Will, and they showed they're still world-beaters. Ecstatic fans were served up 24 terrific songs in a breathless two hour show.

Kicking off with The Chain, there was something for everyone, including Dreams, Second Hand News, Rhiannon, Tusk, Go Your Own Way and Don't Stop.

Stand out for me was Gold Dust Woman, although ever youthful Lindsey Buckingham turned in some stunning guitar solos, particularly on Come and I'm So Afraid.

There were offerings from the new album, including the title track, which sounded to me at first hearing like a (losing) entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Stevie Nicks cut an odd figure in widow's weeds, gold-coloured gypsy cape and clumpy platform shoes. Even her distinctive nasal voice, which has a tendency to drone, seemed to soar.

Sadly, there's no place in the current line-up for Smethwick's own Christine McVie, although she collaborated on the album.

Grey-bearded and manic grinning Mick Fleetwood looked as though he'd just arrived from the Black Country Living Museum.

He was dressed in a black waistcoat over a crisp white shirt with a red-and-white neckerchief.

The only thing missing was a whippet, but he showed he's still one of the greatest rock drummers in the world.

Welcome back to global adulation, old timers.

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