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New York Post (10/21/1997), Saved in the Nicks of time

New York Post, October 21, 1997 [Excerpt from Harper's Bazaar Interview ]

Saved in the Nicks of time

STEVIE Nicks is enjoying her current 40-city tour with the reunited Fleetwood Mac, because this time she's not wasted and is able to stop and smell the roses.

The days of cocaine, hard liquor and all-night partying are behind her, Nicks tells Harper's Bazaar in its November issue. She's anticipating doing tourist things in the cities Bill Clinton's favorite group will be visiting along the way.

"My mom said to me, "Stevie, you are so blessed. This time, since you guys aren't so screwed up, you can see the world again, and all the castles and the Sistine Chapel, which you never bothered to see before.' ^When we used to play Europe_ we just slept all day. I never saw the Eiffel Tower. I never wanted to get up early," Nicks recalls.

The husky-voiced pop legend says she's not happy about turning 50 next year. But she's keeping a young attitude by hangin' with Courtney Love and bald Smashing Pumpkins lead Billy Corgan.

"They're the first new music friends that I've had in so long," she notes. She says Corgan is a bit intimidating, like Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham, with whom she had a long and tumultuous affair.

She and Corgan may get together musically, and if they do, "I'm going to have my work cut out for me . . . because he has definite ideas about music."

But she's fit for anything.

"I just lost 30 pounds," she confides. "For the tour. Dr. Atkins. A god among men."

Thanks to Tammi Taylor Yiakoumatos for the submission.

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