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Fargo Forum (10/10/1997), Fleetwood Mac plays chain of familiar hits

Fargo Forum 10-10-97

Fleetwood Mac plays chain of familiar hits

By Chuck Klosterman

Thursday nightís Fleetwood Mac concert did not sell out.

About 11,400 people attended the show Ė 3,600 less than the Fargodomeís capacity for the event. Some blamed high ticket prices for the mediocre attendance, while others suggested the upcoming Elton John concert cut into ticket sales. Either way, one thing is clear: A lot of folks passed up a scintillating performance.

I was five years old when Fleetwood Mac released "Rumours" in 1977. For some members of the audience, "Rumours" even pre-dates their birth. But when the band played songs like "Go Your Own Way" and 1975ís "Landslide," it didnít sound like antiquated material. It sounded like material that will be eternally intended for people in their 20s.

Rock historians might associate Fleetwood Mac with the bygone era of "classic rock," but their songwriting will make them central figures for every generation that passes through young adulthood. The members of Fleetwood Mac sing about relationships; more specifically, they sing about relationships that donít work. That will never go out of style.

Perhaps the clearest indication of Macís universal appeal was the presence of Reid Messerschmidt in the audience. Messerschmidt is 14, but he thinks Fleetwood Mac is still totally relevant to his age demographic. In fact, he was covering the concert for his school newspaper, The Almanac (the newspaper for Ben Franklin junior high).

"Theyíve been such a big influence for other bands," Messerschmidt said. "Personally, Iím a fan. I donít think my parents even listen to these guys."

Fleetwood Mac opened with "The Chain," the first of a seemingly endless succession of familiar hits. Stevie Nicks sounded as good as she did 20 years ago; itís amazing to hear such a barbarous voice coming from such a pretty lady. Predictably, she dressed like a sexy witch, even throwing on a shawl for "Gold Dust Woman." It was truly an 8-track flashback.

Lindsey Buckingham was even more impressive. The consummate "passionate artist," Buckingham recited pretentious poetry, babbled about how life is a "cycle," and seriously jammed on his guitar. His charisma is sublime.

The highlight of the evening was a bizarre drum solo by Mick Fleetwood. Always a weirdo, Fleetwood wore electronic drum pads on his vest and proceeded to beat his tummy like a pair of bongos. It might sound ridiculous, but it was deliriously fun.

Elton John will have to work pretty hard to top this show.

Thanks to CLMoon for posting this to the newsgroup.

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