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Indianapolis Star News (10/06/1997), Fleetwood Mac? They still sound pretty good, but ... < Fleetwood Mac < Main Page

Indianapolis Star News (10/06/1997), Fleetwood Mac? They still sound pretty good, but ...

Indianapolis Star News 10-6-97

Fleetwood Mac? They still sound pretty good, but ...

By Marc Allan

So whose brilliant idea was it to have our 20th high school reunion at Deer Creek Music Center on a Sunday night? Oh, I didn't know they were renovating the gym. Well, then I guess it's a good thing Deer Creek was open, since there are 20,000 of us.

Man, it's going to be great to see the old gang again.

Look, there's Stevie Nicks. Remember what a gypsy hippie chick she was? My God, she's still the gypsy hippie chick. Looks like a black-winged dove. And there's Lindsey Buckingham. He was the best class president we ever had. What's he doing now? Selling insurance, member of the million-dollar round table? It figures.

Wow, Christine McVie. Never thought she'd show up. Ms. 1600 on the SATs. Nobody's seen her since she went off to that prestigious Eastern college. Geez, is that Mick Fleetwood? He was soooo funny. Remember his Steve Martin imitation? Well, excuuuuse me!

Who's the other guy that came in with them? Oh, yeah, John McVie. Used to spend a lot of time in wood shop, I think.

Remember they had that band, used to play at all the school dances? What was it called? Oh, yeah, Fleetwood Mac. Made some good records there.

Hey, maybe we can get them to play some of the old songs. Ask 'em.

They said they will? Great!

You know what? They sound pretty good. I like the way they played "The Chain." Ooh, "Everywhere"! Doesn't Christine have an amazing voice? Twenty years later and she hasn't changed a bit.

Yeah, yeah, I noticed that, too. Stevie can't hit the high notes anymore. But don't you love how she can still sing in that nasal little girl's voice? I always had a crush on her.

And you know what I forgot what a hot guitar player Lindsey is. "I'm So Afraid" remember that? Wow, listen to the way he plays. And "Big Love," too! It's like he's shooting sparks from his guitar.

You're right, though, I wish he wouldn't sing like that. So over-the-top and obnoxious. He never did know when less is more. Hey, Lindsey, no more OOH-AAHs. Please.

Oh, good, Stevie and Lindsey are going to do an acoustic version of "Landslide." Wow, that's pretty. Really brings back memories.

But you know what? They don't look like they're having very much fun up there. It's like we forced 'em to play.

Wait, wait, wait, maybe Mick'll do something funny. Hey, Mick, do that thing you used to do during "Not That Funny," where you'd pat your stomach in time to the music? Oh, yeah, that was interesting for about 30 seconds. Too bad it went on for 10 minutes.

Remember when they used to do "Rhiannon" and "Say You Love Me" and "You Make Lovin' Fun" and "Don't Stop." Yeah, nice songs, but you're right, this is getting kinda old.

Listen, I'm gonna beat the traffic. Oh, I hate to leave, but we've gotta get the baby sitter home. It's a school night.

Really great to see you guys again. Yeah, call me, we'll have lunch. OK, see ya. Buh-bye.

Thanks to CLMoon for contributing this to the Fleetwood Mac newsgroup.

Date: 1997-10-06         Number of views: 1260

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