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Cincinnati Post (10/04/1997), Mac takes fans back in Crown opening show

Cincinnati Post, October 4, 1997

Mac takes fans back in Crown opening show

By Rick Bird, Post music writer

Fleetwood Mac took fans on the proverbial trip down memory lane Friday night at the opening of the Crown - a building trying to rid itself of a history of checkered memories.

The Mac was back with its blockbuster late-'70s lineup in a two-and-a-half-hour, 20-tune set before some 14,000 at the remodeled arena, formerly Riverfront Coliseum.

It was a set that was powerful and competent, rich in the band's seminal hits but devoid of any twists or new innovations.

No one seemed to mind, as the mostly 30-and-over crowd came to hear the songs that were the soundtrack to their lives in the late '70s.

The band performed all but two of the songs from "Rumours," one of the biggest-selling albums of all time.

The band also played four new songs from its live reunion album, "The Dance," and those turned into a beer break for many in the audience who came to hear the hits.

The driving force of this band is clearly the guitar work of Lindsey Buckingham and the vocals of Stevie Nicks. Perhaps the most poignant moment came early in the night during Ms. Nicks' "Landslide," when she sang:

Time made you bolder;

Even children get older,

And I'm getting' older too.

The meaningful lyric got a standing ovation, with the audience appreciating what this band's been through. Buckingham gave Ms. Nicks a hug after the song, with fans cheering approval.

It was a moment that summed up the show: The fans know so much about the relationships in this band that they appreciate the magical and sentimental moments. They came not only for the songs, but to see how the relationships worked on stage.

What they found was Buckingham sonically driving the band and Stevie Nicks remaining its soul. She dazzled with her voice, still rich and piercing despite her 49 years, providing the counterpoint to Buckingham's guitar work and Fleetwood's drumming.

Even when she wasn't singing, Ms. Nicks lurked in the background, conducting the band with her flowing, sensuous gypsy dresses. It was amazing how all the band members looked to "Stevie" for their cues.

This was the opening night for the new venue, and - as promised from the new owners - the sound was better. There was less echo, and it seemed that the thicker cloth seats did indeed absorb much of the sound that used to turn the building into a hollow-sounding chamber.

As great as the show was, though, it left one with a tinge of "Why bother?"

Unlike the Rolling Stones, who continually find ways to make their concerts and music sound contemporary, this was a set marked by nostalgia. There was hardly any sense that the band can still make a mark in contemporary music.

But it's nice to know the members of Fleetwood Mac still can sing, play and get along.

And that was fun enough.

Thanks to Karen for posting this to the Ledge and to Anusha for formatting and sending it to us.

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