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Cincinnati Post (10/02/1997), Return of Fleetwood Mac

Cincinnati Post, October 2, 1997

Return of Fleetwood Mac

By Rick Bird, Post music writer

Mick Fleetwood seems as surprised as anyone that Fleetwood Mac's most popular line-up is back together.

Perhaps it was the fragile nature of this volatile group that gave Fleetwood opening night jitters when the band's tour opened two weeks ago.

"When I get nervous I hyperventilate and get pockets of gas that make me feel even more nervous. My drum roadie had to come and bang me on the back like a baby," Fleetwood said with a laugh in a recent phone interview.

The blues-rock band he and John McVie founded in 1967 has gone through more personnel and musical changes, and more soap operas, than any band in rock history. Now the Fleetwood Mac "money" line-up is back for a nostalgic reunion tour that opens the newly remodeled and newly named Crown on Friday night.

It's been 17 years since this lineup of Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, Fleetwood and McVie have played together. The band has released a live album of mostly hits from its "Rumours" album and is on a 30-city tour.

Even when the big names left the group over the last 10 years, Fleetwood and McVie never really called it quits. Just three year's ago Fleetwood Mac was touring small clubs with a line-up that featured Dave Mason on guitar and Becka Bramlett on vocals (daughter of Bonnie Bramlett of Bonnie and Delaney fame). Fleetwood said two years ago he and McVie actually did "pull the plug" on the band figuring a reunion of the late '70s' line-up would never happen.

"I let it go. That was hard. It was a first for me," Fleetwood said. "But as lovers sometimes do, they come back to you."

Fleetwood explained the key to the current Mac reunion was paved because he patched things up with Buckingham. That reconciliation started about a year ago when Buckingham asked Fleetwood to work on his solo album.

"Lindsey and I were communicating for the first time in a long time. We were reaching out to each other musically, and we were two men who had a lot to talk about. It was very therapeutic and very healthy and we knew something was horribly right."

Fleetwood said after working on Buckingham's album for several months they needed a bass player to finish the tracks. He reluctantly recommended McVie. "So there were the three of us."

Fleetwood said it all hit them, they were coming up on the 20th anniversary of "Rumours" and "it was a perfect time to do the reunion."

Fans of the band know how hard it must be for this group to get back together. Nearly every male member seemingly went through a relationship with the two female members. Drugs also took their toll on the group that was disintegrating just as "Rumours" was peaking in 1977. The McVie's had divorced and Ms. Nicks and Buckingham had ended a relationship. Fleetwood would later have a relationship with Ms. Nicks.

"When we got back together (this year) we were socializing with no managers, no tours, no pressure of an album. We convened , touched bases. We enjoyed each other's company for the first time in years. It was not stressful," Fleetwood said.

Whether the mood can last in this volatile group to actually produce a new album when the reunion tour is over is something no one's dealing with yet. Ms. Nicks says its "one gig at a time." Fleetwood agrees.

"Who knows?" he says with a chuckle. "Right now I know I'm in heaven with this tour... The creativity in this band is intact, and there's not a shadow of a doubt in my mind we could make a really great studio album. I'm just saying the gas is in the tank should we want to make that journey."

In short this sounds like an older and wiser five-some, who have learned the lessons of success, substance abuse and relationships.

Fleetwood sums up this tour by saying, "It's like the good ole' days, but you remember the next day too."


Fleetwood Mac performs at 8 p.m. Friday at the Crown, downtown. Tickets: $25-$60. Information: 721-1000.

Thanks to Karen for posting this to the Ledge and to Anusha for formatting and sending it to us.

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