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San Antonio Express-News (11/01/1997), Fleetwood Mac sparks nostalgia with Alamodome show

San Antonio Express-News, November 1, 1997

Fleetwood Mac sparks nostalgia with Alamodome show

By Ramiro Burr

With practiced ease, the veteran outfit Fleetwood Mac unleashed a fountain of guitar-driven pop rock Friday at the Alamodome.

Officials estimated attendance at about 17,000, and it was clear from the moment the band strode onstage at 8:32 p.m. that the spectators had come to enjoy an intimate evening with the band.

And the band did not disappoint. The two-hour-plus show was mostly a nostalgic trip heavily laden with hits.

The five-member Fleetwood Mac crew, backed by four extra musicians and two vocalists, ignited the house with an opening segment including "The Chain,'' "Dreams,'' "Everywhere'' and "Gold Dust Woman,'' a bitter song about losing the one you love and still having the last laugh.

Written years ago, the lyrics still bite hard as lead singer Stevie Nicks asks a wayward lover, "Did she break the illusion of love, and do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home?''

From there, Fleetwood Mac proceeded at a calm pace, alternating between familiar songs and new material.

Highlights included a banjo- driven version of "Say You Love Me,'' with drummer Mick Fleetwood out front on cymbals.

After a few more new songs from their latest album, "The Dance,'' which produced minimal impact, Fleetwood Mac reached for its big guns, unleashing the hit "Landslide'' and "You Make Loving Fun,'' which produced a deafening roar from the audience.

All the band members, including Lindsey Buckingham on guitar, Christy McVie on keyboards and John McVie on bass, appeared in great shape -- obviously happy to be playing on the road again.

Drummer Fleetwood especially had big smiles all around, mugging for everyone.

Fleetwood Mac thrilled its audience of mixed ages with mostly 40ish concert-goers enjoying the reunion tour to its fullest

Thanks to CLMoon for the submission to the newsgroup.

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