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Denver Post (11/01/1997), Review: Fleetwood Mac in concert

Denver Post, November 1, 1997

Review: Fleetwood Mac in concert
Oct. 29, McNichols Sports Arena, Denver

by Mark Harden

With movies like "The Ice Storm'' and "Boogie Nights'' in the theaters and a new set of Nixon tapes in the news, there's plenty to remind us what was wrong with the 1970s. Fleetwood Mac came to town just in time to remind us what was right.

Yes, it was a shameless nostalgia trip. Yes, much of the show was a carbon copy of their MTV special/album/home video "The Dance,'' available at a store near you. Yes, Stevie Nicks has been ordering her clothes from the same hippie-witch catalog for 25 years. Doesn't matter a zot.

Ladies and gentlemen, the genuine article sashayed into McNichols Arena Wednesday night, and I don't mean the Bulls.

The royal family of rock - dysfunctional but still adorable, survivors of heartbreak, drugs, middle age and cellulite - delivered this message: Don't stop thinking about yesterday. The Mac - make that the magic - is back.

The reunited supergroup that sold 25 million copies of "Rumours'' two decades ago spent 2 1/2 hours pumping out the hits with new energy and a few twists, mixing in some rarities and showcasing fair-to-outstanding new songs. The concert had heart and a feeling of communion rare to rock shows these days.

Despite their 10-year breakup, this is still an exciting band. Lindsey Buckingham's guitar work and Mick Fleetwood's drumming were incendiary, bolstered by John McVie's sturdy bass. Ex-wife Christine McVie's soaring voice makes your knees weak. The newly slimmed-down Nicks, while her voice is less delicate and her range diminished, still sang with power. The group harmonies - bolstered by two backup singers - were sharper than on "The Dance.''

The long-running Lindsey 'n' Stevie soap opera continued to play itself out. Here come the former lovers, holding hands. Isn't it cute how they kiss after their duets? Black was the fashion code for the evening. Christine McVie came out in a black velvet pantsuit with red silk scarf, Buckingham sported a black open-neck shirt, and Nicks twirled around the stage in knee boots with milehigh heels and layers of black lace, sometimes draped in shawls, sometimes baring her bodice.

Hits dominated the first half of show. Buckingham offered a blistering guitar solo in the dirge-like "I'm So Afraid.'' Nicks dedicated a touching version of "Landslide'' to a friend in the audience and mentioned that she wrote the song in Colorado.

But the second half held the most surprises, and the best moments. The band served up versions of its members' solo hits, like Nicks' "Stand Back'' and Buckingham's "Go Insane.'' Nicks and Buckingham gave "SecondHand News'' a folkie feel, and Buckingham crowned it with a saucy guitar run. And Nicks' "Silver Springs'' - an old B-side rediscovered on "The Dance'' - in spired shivers.

One of the oddest and most delightful moments came when Fleetwood ended an extended drum solo by stepping to the front of the stage wearing a vest festooned with small electronic drum pads. He then proceeded to "play'' his vest, producing African-style percussion. A stomping version of "Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)'' was the first of two encores. The second consisted of Christine McVie in a lovely, solo-piano version of "Songbird" and a group harmony on "Farmer's Daughter" as a finale.

Thanks to author Mark Harden for the submission.

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