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VH1 Music First News (8/31/1997), Fleetwood Mac Waltzes to #1

VH1 Music First News -- August 31, 1997


Fleetwood Mac Waltzes to #1  
In keeping with the 90's passion for superstars of the 70's, Fleetwood Mac's newest release, The Dance soared to the #1 spot on the Billboard Album chart in just one week.

The album, which sold close to 200,000 copies, contains live recordings of their greatest hits and four new compositions. The group had fought off a reunion for nearly a decade (except for their brief appearance during Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign), but decided it was high time to rejoin forces and celebrate the 20th anniversary their epic album, Rumours. The anniversary will be marked by the new album, a cross-country tour and some extra pocket change for the band's five members.

The recent attention focused on Fleetwood Mac has helped place their Greatest Hits album in the #1 spot on Billboard's catalog chart, and Rumours resurfaced at #7. That's not too shabby, since the album has already racked up worldwide sales of close to 20 million copies.

Fleetwood Mac sent Puff Daddy packing to the second pole position. His debut album, No Way Out, had been sitting in the top spot for the last several weeks. The Dance also knocked Prodigy's rock/electronica album, The Fat of the Land, completely out of the Top 10.

All eyes will remain on the chart this week, as Oasis' highly anticipated release hit the American music shelves on Tuesday. Their new album Be Here Now has already broken the U.K. record for the fastest selling album of all time.


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