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Lawsuit Settled (Hollywood Reporter)

More than 20 years after he left Fleetwood Mac, singer Bob Welch settled a royalties lawsuit against his ex-bandmates, Warner Bros. Records and the group's former lawyer. Welch, who departed the band to pursue a solo career in the early 1970s, agreed Tuesday to undisclosed settlements with Mick Fleetwood and John and Christine McVie as well as the record company and attorney Michael Shapiro. The original complaint, filed in March 1994, didn't specify what Welch sought, and attorneys for both sides said they were barred from discussing terms. But lawyers for both Welch and his former bandmates said they were ''extremely happy'' with the agreement. A lawyer for Warner Bros. said the company was ''pleased'' with it. ''Not only does it represent substantial compensation for what he claims he didn't receive before, it also gives him the opportunity to focus on his career rather than litigation,'' said Anthony Kornarens, Welch's lawyer. Welch contended in the lawsuit that the McVies and Fleetwood negotiated higher royalty rates for themselves over the years without telling Welch, despite deals in the 1970s in which band members agreed to split such money. n n n n Trial has been set for Dec. 3 in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles in a suit to determine who owns the copyright to the Betty Boop cartoon. Harvey Entertainment Co. sued Fleischer Studios, Inc. and its attorney Stanley Handman on Nov. 13, charging they failed to pay Harvey royalties from Betty Boop property profits. Harvey seeks to void a 1980 agreement that gave Fleischer the rights to the cartoon character in return for managing the rights and paying Harvey 10% of the profits. Harvey further charges fraud, breach of contract and copyright infringement. On Dec. 5, the court dismissed the Fleischer countersuit that denied the charges and asserted outright ownership of the Betty Boop rights. n n n n A Milpitas, Calif., man was sentenced to 26 months in federal prison and fined $50,000 Tuesday in another prosecution for pornography transmitted by computer. Robert Alan Thomas, 40, was dubbed ''the Marquis de Cyberspace'' by a national news magazine after his conviction on computer pornography charges in Tennessee last year. He and his wife, Carleen, are both serving 32-month prison sentences for sending sexually explicit photos by computer in that case. In the latest case, Thomas pleaded guilty to one count of supplying child-pornography pictures to undercover officers in Utah via computer modem. U.S. District Judge Bruce Jenkins ruled that Thomas' new prison term will be served at the same time as his time for the Tennessee case. n n n n Olympic Entertainment Group, the owners of Nevada-based Children's Cable Network, have filed suit against Colorado's Capital Funding and Financial Group and its president, Scott Severson, charging breach of contract in failure to pay license fees in excess of $150,000. The suit in Los Angeles Superior Court seeks an injunction against the Colorado-based group, alleging that Severson seeks to establish a competing network based on information, trade secrets and other proprietary information received from Olympic. The suit says Severson and Capital Funding are attempting to destroy the Children's Cable Network while launching a new network to be named Kidztime Cable Network or some other name and is selling interests in investment vehicles using Olympic's name, Children's Cable Network. n n n n In what is said to be the largest single day's piracy haul in South Korea, the Seoul prosecutor's office _ acting on a tip from the Motion Picture Assn. _ seized 1,176 VCRs, 145,794 unauthorized copies of motion picture videocassettes and 111 duplicating machines. Four simultaneous raids took place May 16. Compiled by Tony Gieske

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