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Review of the Dance Concert by the Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter, August 12, 1997



(MTV) 10 tonight

This is a reasonably smooth production in which it is fun to see how the prototype AOR rockers of the 1970s have made their peace with Cat Daddy Time. Were Christine McVie's eyes always that sad?

The reunion in May brought the keyboardist and the rest of the original gangsters of the "Rumours" era to a soundstage in Burbank, including McVie's ex-husband, John the bass player, no longer the image of the razor-thin rock star.

A stately Stevie Nicks tosses her still-lustrous blond locks, and "Landslide" takes on added authenticity when she sings the line, "Children get older, I'm getting older too" with a meaningful glance at Lindsey Buckingham. She rewards his sensitive guitar accompaniment with a kiss.

Drummer Mick Fleetwood, now a graybeard but still plenty swift, gets his kicks when the USC Marching Band joins the group for a spectacular "Tusk," bringing up many fellow drummers.

Numbers such as "Rhiannon," which seems to belong in "The Highlander," and "Silver Springs," with its Omar Khayyam feel, stood out, and the voices are still steely and gleaming when they harmonize.

Tony Gieske

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