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Mad Men of Fleetwood Mac (Sun Herald, Australia)

Sun Herald, Australia, November 18, 1990



WHEN singers Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie quit supergroup Fleetwood Mac next month at the end of a US tour, it will come as no shock to fans who have followed the band's 23-year history.

McVie plans to take a brief rest from the music business and Nicks will complete a new solo album in 1991, although both singers said they would participate on Fleetwood Mac's next album. The band has sold 50 million albums around the world.

Their exit is more civilised than some of the drug-tinged, violent, mad-eyed departures of early Fleetwood Mac members:

PETER GREEN: He founded Fleetwood Mac in June 1967 and quit three years later. He had played in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, where he replaced Eric Clapton.

He quit Fleetwood Mac after a troubling bout with psychedelic drugs and a search for God and self. He later worked as a gravedigger and hospital orderly and spent time in prison and in mental hospitals.

He underwent drug therapies, eventually recorded a couple of solo albums, then dropped out of sight once more.

In 1988, he was living like a tramp and had given all his money away to the charity War On Want.

His home was a small, tumbledown cottage in Richmond, Surrey, England, where local children nicknamed him "The Werewolf" because of his matted hair and long fingernails. He now lives somewhere in London.

JEREMY SPENCER: He joined the band as a slide-guitarist in July 1967 and disappeared in February 1971 after walking out of a Los Angeles hotel to buy a bottle of milk.

Four days later, the rest of the band found Spencer with the local Children of God cult, where he answered to the name Jonathan.

He refused to go back to the band, recorded one album with the Children of God in 1972 and is assumed to still be with the cult, hiding on an atoll somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

DANNY KIRWAN: He joined in August 1968 as a 19-year-old and was sacked in August 1972.

He took over as lead guitarist when Peter Green left but he developed a drinking problem.

Kirwan was fired one night after an argument about guitar tuning during which smashed his head against a lavatory wall and destroyed his guitar.

He is now a patient in a south London mental hospital.

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