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Say You Will Concert Review (Birmingham Evening Mail)


BYLINE: ANDY COLEMAN AGELESS: Drummer Mick Feetwood and and, inset, vocalist Stevie Nicks

THE NEC saw the return of the Mac -and a triumph it turned out to be.

Touring for the first time since 1988, the Fleetwood Mac line-up that made the record breaking Rumours album -minus Birmingham-born Christine McVie who was not interested in the reunion -performed for two and a half hours and brought the near sell-out crowd to its feet in appreciation.

The foursome, backed by two guitarists, two keyboard players, a second drummer, percussionist and vocal duo, mixed their hits like Go Your Own Way, Dreams and Rhiannon with tracks from new album Say You Will.

Their turbulent history of drugsand destructive relationships seems to have been forgotten, but four very different personalities shone through.

Madcap Mick Fleetwood, a giant man behind a giant drum kit, was all bulging eyes and gurning expressions.

When he walked to centre stage last night to play drum pads hidden in his waistcoat during the encore we saw that he was dressed as a MorrisMan, bizarrely. To his right, bassist John McVie moved,barely although Fleetwood announced he was 'the backbone of the group.'

His grey pony tail was hidden by a cap which, matched with a waistcoat and shirt with rolled up sleeves, made him look like a Chas and Dave wannabe.

Up front was singer and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham looking incrediblyyoung for a 53-year-old. He brought a rock edge to the evening, making his guitar wail and howl as the notes were wrung from it.

He seems to have a love-hate relationship with the instrument, flinging it to the ground during one song, hugging it at the end of another.

And then there was Stevie Nicks.

The 56-year-old, recovered from addiction to cocaine and tranquillisers, looked beautiful with her flowing blonde hair, floaty dresses and succession of shawls and wraps. Her voice sounds better than ever, particularly on ballads like Beautiful Child and the folky duets with Buckingham.

'It's been a somewhat difficult and strange trip but here we are,' announced Buckingham.

It was worth the wait. Fleetwood Mac play the NEC again tonight.

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