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Evening Standard Review Say You Will Concert

HEADLINE: Mac back with some warming aplomb


Fleetwood Mac Earls Court

"AS most people know, it's been a somewhat difficult, always a strange trip," said Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, with immense understatement.

"But the point is, here we are."

It was a one-line summary of possibly the most extraordinary history in rock.

Since their formation in 1967 Fleetwood Mac have endured breakdowns, break-ups and drug addiction on a huge scale, somehow finding time to make Rumours, the biggestselling album of its time, along the way.

Although Christine McVie, the fifth member of the classic mid-Seventies line-up, opted out of this reunion tour, the theme was still reconciliation.

Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, a couple for six years during the Seventies before a messy split, hugged frequently and harmonised beautifully on acoustic versions of Landslide and new track Say Goodbye.

The new album, Say You Will, is this line-up's first studio recording for 16 years. After all this time, they still gel together perfectly, and new songs performed here, such as What's The World Coming To and the brooding Peacekeeper, stood up well among the familiar classics.

Sensibly, they did not plug the new record excessively, playing only five of its 18 tracks.

Songs from Rumours and their self-titled 1975 album formed the bulk of the set. Nicks's ghostly, reedy voice sounded as though it had not aged a minute on Gypsy and a touching Beautiful Child.

Buckingham's voice was slightly more off-colour, but on Go Your Own Way and a solo Big Love he sounded fiery and passionate.

As is apt for this band, there were indulgences.

Buckingham's guitar solos on Come and I'm So Afraid screeched on for months, climaxing in his pummelling his instrument with his fists.

More amusing was a lengthy drum solo from Mick Fleetwood during World Turning, which culminated in him playing - what appeared from this distance - to be a percussive waistcoat.

Gripes aside, the point is, here they are. It is great to have them back again.

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