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Nicks Mixes Past, Present (Florida Times Union) 1998 Interview

Florida Times Union, May 29, 1998

BYLINE: Roger Catlin, L.A. Times-Washington Post Service

After spending most of the 1990s out of the public eye, Stevie Nicks is following last year's successful Fleetwood Mac reunion with a solo concert tour.

'I've never been able to do anything like this,' said Nicks, who turned 50 on Tuesday.

In a tour intended to promote her new three-disc boxed set, Enchanted, she'll be able to highlight songs from deep in her catalog.

But she'll also find room for Mac classics such as Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman and Dreams.

'I'm going to do a version of Landslide, since I have two incredible guitarists,' she said, 'and they should be able to play the part almost as well as Lindsey.'

There is one thing she won't try without Lindsey Buckingham, her longtime romantic partner and original musical collaborator, with whom she joined Fleetwood Mac. It's Silver Springs, the B-side that became a hit from the 1997 live reunion album, The Dance. The song seemed directed at Buckingham. In concert, it became a searing statement as she stood to face him as she sang it.

'I can't do Silver Springs without Lindsey,' she said. 'After people seeing us, and having it on TV all the time, I think it would be kind of an empty song without the other person.'

Getting a set list together for the concert tour, which started this week, shouldn't be any more difficult than sifting her solo career into a 46-track boxed set. That selection was made shortly after the Mac tour ended in December. And the tracks don't follow chronological order.

'I wanted people to go, 'Could that have been yesterday, or could that have been 10 years ago?' '

Nicks, who chose the order of songs on Fleetwood Mac's bestselling Rumours album, thinks sequencing is one of her best unsung skills. 'It's one of my favorite things to do.'

Her secret is to match beginnings and ends of songs. 'If you like the way the end of one song goes into the beginning of the next one, I figure you'll probably listen to the whole song.'

That also made for some startling juxtapositions on her boxed set.

'On the third disc, I put Twister and Long Distance Winner together because of the incredible similarity between the sound of the voice, and the songs.'

Never mind that one song was written for the 1996 disaster movie, and the other came from the long out-of-print Buckingham Nicks duet album 23 years earlier.

The name of the boxed set was suggested by her brother, Christopher Nicks, who was art director of the project. ' Enchanted had always been his favorite song, so that was the first thing he thought about,' she said. 'And of course, in the mystical way I live my life, Enchanted seems to make a lot of sense to me.'

Magic also was involved in the Mac reunion, she said. By now, it seems like it didn't even happen.

'The whole Fleetwood Mac thing seems like just a dream. It went by so fast. It was a lot of concerts -- 45 concerts -- and it went by so fast.'

Musically, it was most satisfying, she said. 'It was like being back in the '70s. It was as close to feeling like I did in the beginning of my whole rock 'n' roll life.'

Any chance for future Fleetwood Mac music seems to be in the hands of Christine McVie, who decided to return to England in December.

'She said, 'I did what I said I was going to do and I'm going home,' ' Nicks said. 'What are you going to say to somebody who says that to you? 'No, you can't'? Everybody did our best to convince her to finish out this [tour to promote the live album], and she didn't want to. So we thought: Better to let her go and give her lots of love and she'll come around.

'It doesn't worry me in the least that Fleetwood Mac will not always somehow be together,' she said. 'I mean, how could we not do any music after what just happened with us?'

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Stevie Nicks' tour, which began this week, doesn't include Jacksonville, but she does have a July 1 show in Orlando and a July 3 show in Tampa. For more information, call Ticketmaster at (904) 353-3309.

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