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Reno Fight, Letter to the Editor

From the Reno-Gazette, Letter to the Editor

At $125 per ticket, my wife and I went to see Fleetwood Mac at Lawlor Events Center.

Singer Stevie Nicks acted like she did not want to be there from the moment she stepped onto the stage. She appeared lethargic and unenthused.

A fight broke out toward the end of the concert near the front of the stage, which caused Stevie Nicks to throw a temper tantrum and to later stop singing in the middle of a song. That made me embarrassed to be a Reno native.

The only thing that saved the show was Lindsay Buckinham's great enthusiasm.

Next time I want to go to a concert, I might just stick with listening to a $15 CD.

Daniel Tiernan, Reno


Date: 2003-08-17         Number of views: 1253

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