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Under the Skin Review, Record Searchlight (Redding, CA)

Lindsey Buckingham works up a sweat during a recent concert in Philadelphia

Lindsey Buckingham’s career has been defined by life-changing musical relationships.

He formed Buckingham NICKS with high school partner STEVIE NICKS. The duo then joined the British blues-based rock band Fleetwood Mac in the late ’70s and helped create a sound that led to mega-stardom and multi-million dollar album sales. That collective became his family, a larger musical marriage. It was an all-enveloping entity.

After 30 years, Buckingham’s relationship with Fleetwood Mac continues, but he’s finally learned to carve out some territory for himself.

“Under the Skin,” his fourth solo album, is a project realized only after he learned to set boundaries, Buckingham said in phone interview Monday.

Fans will be treated to his new work and some of the well-loved tunes on Sunday (June 17) at the Redding Convention Center.

Buckingham is currently on the fourth leg of a North American tour. He’s taking stages from Vancouver, British Columbia to New Orleans in a pared-down and intimate musical setting. A trio of sidemen — guitarist Neal Haywood, guitarist-keyboardist Brett Tuggle and percussionist Taku Hirano — utilized in the Fleetwood Mac setting are with Buckingham on this tour.

“I’ll do a few of my own songs. We’ll do a lot of songs from ‘Under the Skin’ and then you can’t get away without doing ‘Go Your Own Way,’” he said.

If you’re going

• What: Lindsey Buckingham concert

• When: 7 p.m. Sunday (June 17); doors open at 6 p.m.

• Where: The Redding Convention Center in Redding (Cameras permitted. No Flash)

• Tickets: Reserved seating: $47 Main Floor; $37 Center and Side Balconies

• Information: Call 225-4130 or buy tickets online at

Buckingham saves the Fleetwood Mac songs for a rousing finish. “People are disappointed if you don’t do them,” he added.

It’s all part of Buckingham’s theatrical sense of what works in a performance.

“I sculpt or design a set that will feel like a stage production, a play, with a beginning, middle and end,” he said.

Other bands do it differently, Buckingham said. He hung out with REM’s Peter Buck for a while and found that that band literally pulls songs out of a hat every night.

“Sometimes you get a great arc out of that,” he said. “Sometimes you don’t.”

“‘Under the Skin’ is not just about what’s there,” Buckingham said. “It’s about what’s not there. There are no drums.”

One hardly notices. Layers of guitars are driven by Buckingham’s unique finger-picking style. Song melodies soar aloft in layers of unusual vocal effects.

“One of the things I wanted to do when I made my way through the material was to get that full sound with less instrumentation,” said Buckingham. “We have a couple of guitars (on stage) but it’s still very produced.”

Buckingham has been credited with being the musical architect of Fleetwood Mac’s sound.

His contributions were essential. He eventually produced “Tusk” the band’s follow up to “Rumours.”

His attempts to work independently have been repeatedly set aside in the interest of contributing to Fleetwood Mac projects.

“I’ve intended to do this album for 10 years but I kept getting sidetracked,” Buckingham said.

“As profound an experience as Fleetwood Mac was, it wasn’t always the happiest,” he said. “There was never any closure and no way to get away from anyone.”

Buckingham now feels rooted and part of a family away from Fleetwood Mac. He is happily married to Kristen Messner and is the father of three — Will, Leelee and Stella.

“When I got married and had kids it changed how I was able to look at everything. I could be more objective,” Buckingham said. “I’m not as pissed off as I used to be.”

His strong home life has helped him grow and has added new dimensions to his music.

“It’s made it more intimate and increased the sense of possibility,” he said.

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