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Australian Review of Say You Will, 2.5 stars

Say You Will, Fleetwood Mac


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SO it's come to this. The yawning, gaping, self-indulgent soap opera that was Fleetwood Mac is back. They slept together in unlikely pairings, took drugs on a scale to make the Stones blush, fell in and out of love the way the rest of us come and go through the lift doors at work, and lived to make records about it. Against all the odds, along the way there was some great music. If you are one of the countless millions who bought 1977's Rumours, you might be able to reclaim an echo of your distant past. But the dividends will be small. Stevie Nicks's songs are mostly paeans to herself. With awful titles such as Silver Girl and Illume, they start out about external things -- Illume is supposed to be about September 11 -- but end up as deep and far-reaching as the make-up mirror. Bassist John McVie and drummer and founder Mick Fleetwood seem content to create the solid rhythm section they've provided for the three main writers for decades. Christine McVie declined to re-enlist, but appears here and there to good ghostly effect. What merit there is belongs to Lindsey Buckingham. One of the finest moments by any living Mac-person is his 1992 CD Out Of the Cradle. Say You Will apparently had its genesis as a follow-up, and for fans this will be obvious. His playing is extraordinary, and his songs are innovative, fresh and forward looking. If only he'd stuck to his guns this might have been the album of his career. Instead, as the reconstituted Fleetwood Mac, he weighs himself down with more than one albatross.

Ian Cuthbertson

Date: 2003-05-10         Number of views: 1021

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