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The Australian Reviews Say You Will Concert

BYLINE: Iain Shedden


THEY'VE had romances, break-ups, drug dependencies and bitter feuds, but they just keep on coming. Fleetwood Mac returned to the Australian stage last night for the first time in 14 years.

"It's been a long and strange trip for all of us," said singer-guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, "but the point is we're all still here."

The Fleetwood Mac line-up is missing original keyboards player Chrissie McVie but is otherwise unchanged.

Buckingham was joined front of stage by fellow singer Stevie Nicks, dressed in familiar hippy chic.

Nicks's voice remains one of the most distinctive in rock and it has lost none of its potency 30 years on from the band's glory days of the 70s.

The Say You Will tour kicked off last night at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre and the band performed a 2 1/2-hour set that included material from their most recent album, Say You Will, as well as many of their landmark hits from 70s albums such as Rumours, Tusk and Fleetwood Mac.

While most of the songs were perfectly executed, a lack of stage dynamics allowed the show to fall a little flat halfway through. On the positive side Nicks gave excellent readings of both Landslide and one of the lesser-known tracks from Tusk, the ballad Beautiful Child.

Drummer Mick Fleetwood found his inner strength to perform the obligatory drum solo, although this one involved him hitting various sound pads about his person.

"Off we go to the future," Fleetwood said by way of goodbye. By that he must have meant Brisbane, where Fleetwood Mac play on Thursday, followed by Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

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