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Mirage Review (Globe and Mail, Canada)


BYLINE: Alan Niester; GAM


Warner Brothers 92 36071
This long-awaited studio follow-up to Tusk doesn't harken back to that
somewhat disappointing 1979 album, nor does it bear much semblance to the
band's earlier, more successful releases, such as Fleetwood Mac and
Rumours. It is unique - pleasant enough but hardly destined for the multi-
platinum status of its predecessors.

The over-all feel is one of understatement. Nothing stands out in
particular, and the group seems more interested in creating a pleasant
little summertime groove than in grabbing listeners by the shoulders and
shaking them up. It is an album of fair-to-mediocre songs that somehow add
up to more than the sum of their parts.

The writing credits are divided fairly equally among Christine McVie,
Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, whose five numbers are all fairly
banal. He writes silly, lightweight pop songs in the Paul McCartney vein,
and none of the band's remaining four members seem very interested in
adding anything inspiring. As a result, Empire State and Book of Love have
that same thin, unexciting feel as the numbers on Buckingham's recent solo
release, Law and Order.

However, the material by McVie and Nicks is strong enough to save the
album. McVie's songs are unassuming, but pleasant. Only Over You is
dedicated to Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, and utilizes some nice little Beach
Boys harmonies. As for Nicks, although her Gypsy is a song in search of a
melody, Straight Back is the best thing on the album. Nicks' vocals soar
over a simple and pervasive backbeat, raising the song almost to the
status enjoyed by such Fleetwood classics as Rhiannon.

Over all, though, Mirage seems a touch uninspired. In the rhythm
section, drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie appear to be going
through the motions, straining themselves as little as possible. In fact,
there's more meat to one side of Nicks' recent solo effort, Dreams, than
Mirage can boast in total.

Alan Niester

Date: 1982-07-17         Number of views: 1021

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