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Behind The Mask Review, London Times

Fleetwood Mac: Behind the Mask (Warner Bros 7599 26206-2)

The latest round of traumas to beset Fleetwood Mac saw singer Stevie Nicks literally chasing her former beau, guitarist Lindsay Buckingham, out of the house. He has been replaced, in the band at least, by two singing guitarists, Billy Burnette and Rick Vito, and the deathless saga continues. Yet no matter how turbulent their well-advertised private lives become, the band's music continues to sound as lush, bland and vacuous as one of those ''Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous'' commentaries.

Behind the Mask is an especially limp offering which, I suspect, even diehard Mac fans will find light on good songs. Buckingham's absence is felt in the writing department and numbers such as Burnette's ''In the Back of my Mind'' and the VitoNicks composition ''Love is Dangerous'' suffer from crushingly obvious chord sequences and a lack of sparkle.

The best of a weak bunch are Christine McVie's businesslike romp ''Save me'' and Vito's ''Stand on the Rock'', a little riff gilded with a lyric which goes something like ''My love is like a rock...Your love is like the sea''.

Date: 1990-04-13         Number of views: 1100

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