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The Ledge (02/26/1998), (Exclusive essay by John B)

How Mr. Nifty-Almost-Fifty kicked EVERYONE'S ass: The enigma known as Lindsey B. Live

Posted by John B. on February 26, 1998 at 10:47:35:

Fancy title, simple message.

Will Smith did the job. Paula Cole was great. Hanson was youthfully exuberant. Dylan was Dylan.

Mr. Buckingham was UNCHAINED.

Mr. Buckingham did not rest on his band's legend.

Mr. Buckingham did not let the songs or the lights or the audience take control.

Mr. Buckingham took control. Mr. Buckingham OWNED that stage.

Mr. Buckingham did not take anything lightly.

Mr. Buckingham did not take any prisoners.

Mr. Buckingham is not merely an energetic performer; Mr. Buckingham PERSONIFIES electricity.

Mr. Buckingham is the ESSENCE of what live performance is all about.

The coat? As Anusha reminded in a post down below, the Bat Cave analogy takes on more relevance than ever.

The awards? Sickening, but not surprising. Insiders could write an encyclopedia's worth of material on the scandal, bias, politics and financial pressures that influence the voting.

The awards are, I'm sorry to say, virtually meaningless. I don't trust the voting process as far as I could throw Luciano Pavarotti.

Anyone remember Jethro Tull winning for best heavy metal band a few years ago?

Last night was disappointing, yes. But just remember the performance; Lindsey and Mick play like two teenagers.

Scratch that thought; we saw three teenagers play last night, and Lindsey and Mick blew 'em away. Blew 'em AWAY.

I'm not taking anything away from those kids; the pressure must be incredible, and they have nowhere near the experience of the Mac.

But for Lindsey and Mick to do what they did speaks volumes for their musical character.

Let's remember something: Mr. Buckingham romped through two songs that he has performed live approximately 182,000 times; he's rehearsed those same songs about 10 times more than that.

And yet, he played 'em like he just released 'em.

Think we have something to look forward to on his tour?

I think so.

Forget the awards. There are probably a million illegitimate reasons why anyone wins an award like that. Many of them involve the health of the music business, future considerations, paybacks, and lots, lots more.

Forget 'em. Kelsey Grammer had it right in his intro for them, when he referred to them as the Mac.

And what to make of Mr. Buckingham? The man who's so shy in interviews that he can barely cough out the words? ("Um, I, um, said that, uh, uh, Stevie and I were, um, a package deal." *elapsed time: 45 minutes*)

Whether you've seen him live, seen him on video, watched him on The Dance or Saturday Night Live, one thing's for sure: When he becomes Lindsey B. Live, he's a shooting star.

Let's grab his tail. I think we're in for a long, cool ride.

See you on the tour, Lindsey.

Thanks to Bonnie for reposting this to The Ledge.

Date: 1998-02-26         Number of views: 1628

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