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Cincinnati Post (8/11/1997), The Mac is Back


Cincinnati Post, August 11, 1997

By Rick Bird, Post music writer

The Mac is back: Fleetwood Mac's most popular lineup has reunited for a live album and 40-city tour.

Why now for the reunion?

"1977-1997. 20 years. Its been amazing to all of us that it's been that long and that we are still alive and somewhat kicking," said Stevie Nicks. "That's what did it. The idea that we managed to still to be here after 20 years and that we still liked our record "Rumours' and that everything was still OK with everyone. That's what sparked it more than anything."

The most talked about rock reunion since the Eagles' "Hell Freezes Over" begins Tuesday on MTV when the network broadcasts one of three Fleetwood Mac concerts performed in late May at a Los Angeles club. It's from the last of those shows that the band's new live album, "The Dance," is taken, to be released Aug. 19.

Ms. Nicks, 49, everyone's favorite rock 'n' roll gypsy, downplayed a suggestion this was a nostalgia project when she talked from her Phoenix home about the band's '97 sound.

"To me it's amazingly fresh. You are going to be blown away. It's incredible. We rehearsed for four weeks, then did three shows, and we got everything out of the last show; hardly any fixes, no vocals redone. You're going to be knocked out. When you hear it, just turn it up. It's meant to be played loud. It's rockin'."

Ms. Nicks said one person who should not get credit for the Mac reunion is Bill Clinton. The president asked the band to reunite for his first Inaugural after "Don't Stop" became his campaign theme song. "That was a one-night stand," Ms. Nicks said. "We didn't think anything of it. We just got on a plane, went to Washington, did that and came back and never talked about it."

Founded in 1967 as a British blues band, Fleetwood Mac took its name from the rhythm section, drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie. Over 30 years the band has had a dizzying number of lineups and sounds, releasing close to 45 studio and live albums. As late as two years ago Fleetwood was still trying to keep the group alive with a lineup that included Dave Mason on guitar and Bekka Bramlett on vocals.

But the "money" lineup started in 1975 when the L.A. folk-rock duo of Ms. Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham teamed up with Fleetwood, McVie and his wife, Christine McVie. 1977's "Rumours" became one of the top-selling albums of all time, generating four top ten singles.

Even as "Rumours" was released the band was in turmoil. The McVies divorced in 1976, and Buckingham and Ms. Nicks' romance ended shortly after that. Substance abuse took its toll by the '80s. Ms. Nicks wandered off to pursue a successful solo career. The "Rumours" lineup essentially split by 1983, although the band managed to release a 1987 album, "Tango in the Night." The album was critically panned, but still made the top ten, showing the fans' hunger for the band's golden days.

Ms. Nicks said reunion possibilities are not lost on the band members. "Everybody's not so stupid this time as to not understand what an opportunity this is. With age, everybody's a little bit smarter instead of taking things for granted."

It remains to be seen if a full-fledged studio project of new material will come out of the reunion. And Ms. Nicks admits - given the fragile nature of the band's relationships - that it's a wait and see proposition.

"I'm old enough that I don't want to do stuff that's for other people anymore. I just want to do stuff for me and have a good time and not have to go to a therapist. We'll do these 40 concerts, then maybe go to Australia or Europe. And if we come home and everybody is still friendly, then we'll hit the studio and record. I truly don't know. I'm kind of in a place now where I'm not really questioning anything."


Fleetwood Mac schedule

The Fleetwood Mac reunion hype cranks up in the next two weeks, with the primary focus of the project to recycle the "Rumours" album in a live setting. Here's a rundown of what's coming:

The band's reunion project officially kicks off at 10 p.m. Tuesday with a 90-minute MTV concert special. Footage for the show comes from three Fleetwood Mac club concerts the band performed in Los Angeles in late May.

"The Dance" is released Aug. 19; a live CD also taken from the May performances. The record company describes the project as "designed to commemorate" the 20th anniversary of the "Rumours" album. The album features 17 cuts, four of which are new. Most of the material comes from the "Rumours" album.

The band releases a two-hour concert video Aug. 26. Again, the footage comes from the May reunion concerts, but will include songs not in the MTV show or on the album.

Fleetwood Mac launches a 40-city U.S. tour in September. Tour dates will be announced this week. Concert industry sources say the band is booked to be the first major act to reopen the remodeled Riverfront Coliseum sometime in early October. But a spokesman for Nederlander Concerts, the operating partner of The Crown, said a date is not yet confirmed.

Thanks to Karen for posting this to the Ledge and to Anusha for formatting and sending it to us.

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