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Reprise Records Press Release

Fleetwood Mac has announced the June 15th release of Live In Boston, a deluxe DVD/CD package on Reprise Records, spotlighting a wealth of music spanning their epochal career and including selections of their latest studio album, 2003’s acclaimed Say You Will.

Recorded for the prestigious PBS Television series Soundstage, Live In Boston features two DVD’s with twenty-four selections comprising over two hours of the legendary group in concert at the Fleet Center near Boston, Mass. Additionally, a live ten-track audio CD will be included. Live In Boston will be released in conjunction with the premier of the 2004 Soundstage season, June 17th, when the Fleetwood Mac performance will be aired nationally on PBS affiliates. Check local listings for time and station.

The Live In Boston double DVD features the following selections: “The Chain,” “Dreams,” “Eyes Of The World,” “Peacekeeper,” “Second Hand News,” “Say You Will,” “Never Going Back Again,” “Rhiannon,” “Come,” “Gypsy,” “Big Love,”“Landslide,” “Say Goodbye,” “What’s The World Coming To,” “Beautiful Child,”“Gold Dust Woman,” “I’m So Afraid,” “Silver Springs,” “Tusk,” “Stand Back,” “Go Your Own Way,” “World Turning,” “Don’t Stop” and “Goodbye Baby.”

Audio tracks on the Live In Boston CD includes “Eyes Of The World,” “Dreams,” “Rhiannon,” “Come,” “Big Love,” “Landslide,” “Silver Springs,” “I’m So Afraid,” “Stand Back” and “Go Your Own Way.”

The recently reunited Fleetwood Mac brings together founding members Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Stevie Nicks. Aside from the above mentioned Say You Will, the first studio release by the classic line-up in over a decade, the group is currently in the midst of an extensive world tour that will continue in the U.S. through summer 2004.
For more information contact
Bill Bentley at Reprise Records Media Relations (818) 953-3671

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