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Winnepeg Sun Review of Under the Skin (3)

Lindsey Buckingham Under the Skin

Reprise | Warner

Talk about going your own way. With Under the Skin -- his first solo album in 14 years -- Fleetwood Mac daddy Lindsey Buckingham gets so mellow he makes Rumours seem like Rage Against the Machine. According to the liners, most of the disc was "recorded and mixed at home and on the road." No surprise -- built from lightly ticking beatboxes, lovingly caressed acoustic guitars, whispery vocals and lyrics like "I'll just slip out of sight," these folksy, pretty songs sound like they were cut at night in the bedroom while he tried not to wake the baby. Not that they're disappointing -- Buckingham's skilled and tasteful picking is impressive, covers of Donovan's To Try for the Sun and the Stones obscurity I am Waiting are a nice touch, and a few cuts with Mick Fleetwood and John McVie will keep Mac fans content for a few more years. Still, Under the Skin tends to be so smooth, soothing and uniformly unobtrusive it never quite gets ... well, you know.


Date: 2006-10-09         Number of views: 1251

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