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Hartford Courant (Bekka & Billy)

Hartford Courant

June 5, 1997


Almo Sounds

The listener is in the hands of professionals here. Bekka Bramlett is the daughter of Delaney and Bonnie of the '70s. Her partner, Billy Burnette , comes from a line of family members who helped define '50s rockabilly.

In country, Bramlett has sung background vocals for Iris DeMent and Vince Gill, (who helps out here with the haunting ``Through the Walls'' and the kicking ``Better Days''). Burnette has had songs recorded by Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette, too. He has also sung with Fleetwood Mac since 1987.

In fact, the two met there, when Bramlett took over for a departing Stevie Nicks in 1993.

Since that band is reuniting without Bekka & Billy, these two don't have to wait for stardom.

It shouldn't be a long wait.

Their music is soulful and their duets weave and twist and carry every song on this release. Good luck to Fleetwood Mac and Company, but let's hear more of Bekka & Billy.

Date: 1997-06-05         Number of views: 1769

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