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Rolling Stone (1975-1980), Random Notes

Rolling Stone Random Notes (1975-1980)

Rolling Stone
March 27, 1975

" . . . Fleetwood Mac's new lead guitarist is Lindsay Buckingham, with Stephanie Nix joining as vocalist . . ."

Rolling Stone
April 22, 1976

"We hear that Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham are the second couple within Fleetwood Mac to be treading choppy romantic waters; Christine and John McVie split up eight months ago."

Rolling Stone
June 1, 1978

"Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie, 32, was married to Julie Rubens, 25, at a small private ceremony in Los Angeles. The wedding reception, held afterward in McVie's West Hollywood home (which once belonged to John's ex, Christine McVie), went into the wee hours, with Fleetwood Mac present for the entirety. Ron Wood, Bill Graham, John Mayall, Derek Taylor and Bob Welch mingled with the bride's and groom's relatives.

Prime topic at the reception seemed to be the new Fleetwood Mac album, still in its formative stages. The group has rented a secret house in Hollywood Hills to rehearse the follow-up to Rumours. 'We're overrun with new material and it all sounds really good,' reported Lindsey Buckingham. 'It's too easy - something must be wrong. People say Rumours was so great because of all the pain we were going through and so forth. Well, this time it's . . . hope you like us when we're happy.' Stevie Nicks agreed, all the while taking compliments for her 'vision in white' dress ('Thank you . . . it should be nice for what I paid for it').

Standing by, taking all this in with his new wife, Jane, was the elusive, original Fleetwood Mac guitar hero, Peter Green. Bearded and pleasantly plump in an Indian caftan, he carried himself with the obvious ease of a man who, as one Mac associate put it, 'has awoken from a seven-year sleep.' Green also has a new album in preparation, to be produced by Mick Fleetwood. 'It's going to be a lot of raw guitar rock,' Green smiled. 'Are people still into that?'"

Rolling Stone
September 21, 1978

"Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham is apparently in good health after a scare during the group's recent tour. Buckingham collapsed after his morning shower July 29th in Philadelphia but played effectively that night, and was then brought to a local hospital for tests. A spinal tap taken there, followed by a plane ride to Washington D.C., left Buckingham in so much pain the band had to cancel shows in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. But he played strongly a few days later in Largo, Maryland, without resorting to a stage-side stool doctors had told him to rest on.

Lindsey accompanied Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie to Muddy Waters' gig in Washington, and Fleetwood drummed exuberantly with Waters' band for an hour after Muddy left the stage. Most of the band was present at a party full of politicians and record execs in D.C.'s Georgetown district when an anonymous prankster smushed a chocolate mousse into the face of presidential aide Hamilton Jordan. 'There are a lot of sickies and nuts who do things like that.'"

Rolling Stone
January 25, 1979

"Blues Brother John Belushi joined Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham at Walter Egan's Los Angeles performance to sing lead on 'Jailhouse Rock.'"

Rolling Stone
November 13, 1980

"Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks joined the University of Southern California's Trojan Marching Band for an offbeat half-time show during the home team's game with Arizona State on October 4th. Nicks, decked out in USC's crimson and gold, twirled a baton while Fleetwood played the bass drum and Buckingham, perched atop a fifteen-foot-high ladder, conducted the band in a thundering rendition of 'Tusk' - a song the Trojans knew well, having played on the record. Afterward, Fleetwood Mac presented them with a platinum record in recognition of their contribution to the Tusk album, which has so far sold 4 million copies worldwide."

Thanks to Les for posting this to the Ledge and to Anusha for formatting and sending it to us.

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