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Monday, June 16 11/10c PM

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VH1 gets exclusive behind-the-scenes access as the band prepares for its upcoming blockbuster tour. We’ll be up-close-and-personal with Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks. They’ll talk about their new sound, how the album came together and the personal nature of their new music. This is a chance to rediscover the members of the band in an intimate and spontaneous way and get to know their new tunes.

Since day one, Fleetwood Mac has been as much about family as it has been about music. John and Christine McVie were married. Stevie and Lindsey had been an item since high school. The group quickly bonded and their music reflected their total faith in each another. But fame and wealth beyond their wildest imaginations strained their bonds to the breaking point. Their new album is a musical reunion fueled by love for music and each other. Like all families, despite rough times, there is an underlying connection that can never be completely broken.

Fleetwood Mac’s been a rock and roll phenomenon since 1975 when the members of the band first came together in Los Angeles. Together they have experienced a magical journey into rock and roll history. This amazing odyssey has been personally documented by drummer Mick Fleetwood. For the first time, Mick will open his treasure trove of home movies for VH1. The videos capture the real personalities of the band member, the rollercoaster ride to fame and fortune and the heartbreak that sometimes went with it. It’s a precious time capsule and a glimpse into the hidden world of one of the world’s hottest bands.

Flowing chiffon skirts, fringe shawls and platform boots: Stevie Nicks has become as much of a fashion icon as a musical one. She actually borrowed the gypsy style from singer Janis Joplin. We’ll hear more of Stevie’s fashion secrets as she lets VH1 into her inner sanctum: the wardrobe closet. During this rare and privileged peek at Stevie’s fashion history, she’ll tell us her favorite colors, why she wears 7 inch custom boots…and which outfit is her personal favorite. What will she be wearing on the new tour? She’ll give us a sneak preview at the clothes that are sure to make a style impression wherever she goes.

It’s been more than 20 years since the members of Fleetwood Mac recorded a new album and hit the road to support it. Now the super group has come together once more to create a brand new album and they’re bringing their energetic live show to a whole new generation of fans. We’ll take you on the road as the band preps for their opening-night show. It’s a great opportunity to talk about their other albums and other tours. Some came together smoothly; others were born of passion and conflict. But no matter what may have been going on behind the scenes, these friends managed to turn their painful personal issues into some of the most popular albums ever. This time around, the atmosphere is far from turbulent but the music still rocks, especially live in concert.

We will spend time on location shooting a “day in the life” segment with John, Mick and Lindsey. We’re there as these old friends prepare for their new tour. Lindsey will talk about the production of the new album and the challenges of touring. He should know, he’s played with some of the biggest names in rock and roll. He’ll talk about his amazing musical past, his favorite guitars and this gifted musician will also reveal some of the documentary footage he shot while the band was in the studio recording the new album.

Launching a tour is one of the most stressful times for a band, especially one that hasn’t performed together in years. The band will talk about their favorite parts of life on the road and the difficulties of touring. Fleetwood Mac will reveal what it takes to create an amazing live concert that rocks the house. Soon hundreds of thousands of people will get to experience the Fleetwood Mac “rush” first hand. A short summary/recap of what we’ve learned about Fleetwood Mac and a chance to look forward to the exciting challenges ahead.

Thanks to Les for posting this to the Ledge.

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