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Philadelphia Daily News (05/21/2003), Big Mac Attack

Philadelphia Daily News, May 21, 2003
Big Mac attack

DURING THEIR stay in Philadelphia, what was "rumored" to be a police escort for Fleetwood Mac - sometimes was not. On Saturday, in a limo with flashing red lights, the band cruised from their Philly hotel to Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

Mac returned to Philly after the show at speeds around 90 mph, say Stu's Spies, again flashing red lights. Talk about "going your own way." (Along for the ride were Stevie Nicks' Yorkshire terriers, Sara and Sulamith.)

Alas, that was not a police vehicle, they didn't stop to think about tomorrow, and now there's trouble.

Philadelphia Police Inspector Bill Colarulo said it was a limo equipped (illegally) with flashing lights, adding that Philly's captain of traffic will notify the New Jersey State Police.

A call to Arista, the band's label, was not returned.

Nicks got a real police escort after Monday night's concert from the First Union Center to the Four Seasons. It was paid for by First Union Security, according to police sources.

Sunday night (without police escort) Nicks, Mick Fleetwood and eight friends walked into the Palm, she all in black, with a touch of seafoam green trim and straight blonde hair, Mick in jeans and vest. Their best boozing must be behind them as they each had iced tea and coffee. She had the salmon, he had the New York strip steak, the tab was paid with corporate credit cards and the tip exceeded 20 percent.

Thanks to Pisces Queen and WindingRoad for posting this to the Ledge.

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