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Arizona Republic (4/24/2003), Fleetwood Mac: Say You Will

The Arizona Republic, Apr. 24, 2003 12:00 AM

Fleetwood Mac: 'Say You Will'

*** 1/2

Fleetwood Mac (Reprise)

In these uncertain times, familiar things can bring comfort. Such is the case with the classic sound of Fleetwood Mac, reshaped yet again with the departure of singer-keyboardist Christine McVie.

Much of this album breaks little ground. But the blend of Lindsey Buckingham's masterful guitar, Mick Fleetwood's deceptively low-key percussion, John McVie's creative bass and Stevie Nicks' one-of-a-kind voice has aged its way to musical-treasure status. This carefully crafted music still can inspire awe when it hits on all cylinders.

There are many more hits than misses on this 18-song collection. With a few overindulgent tracks such as the quirky, off-tempo Red Rover and the forgettable Steal Your Heart Away trimmed, this work would weigh in at more manageable length.

But this album, which grows on the listener with repeated plays, generally glides along on straight-ahead rockers such as the bouncy What's the World Coming To and the crisp Peacekeeper, as well as more adventurous fare that moves beyond cruise control.

Come, a wild, highly textured song, ends with Buckingham in guitar-god mode. The echoing, intriguing Miranda, also spotlighting Buckingham, brings another welcome challenge.

Nicks' smoky vocals remain commanding in several songs, such as the infectious title track, which proves this quartet can write a good pop song in its sleep.

We've heard bits of this music many times before, and sometimes that's not a bad thing.
Thanks to blodge for posting this to the Ledge.

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