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Associated Press (04/15/2003), Say You Will

Associated Press, April 15, 2003

"Say You Will" (Reprise, $18.98) - Fleetwood Mac
David Bauder, AP Writer

You'd think being gone for 15 years would make it hard for a band to wear out its welcome. But Fleetwood Mac manages that with an album that buries its treasures in an avalanche of mediocrity. At 18 songs and more than 76 minutes, you could put this disc on, leave the room to make a sandwich, run a few errands, go to college for four years, come back and it will STILL be playing.

That sense of slog is more glaring now that Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks are the two main songwriters and voices, given the retirement of Christine McVie. McVie is listed on this disc as a contributor, but it's unclear what she did. The understated elegance of her songwriting and singing is sorely missed.

As a result, "Say You Will" is like two alternating solo albums with a band that too often is trying to sound like Fleetwood Mac instead of just being Fleetwood Mac.

It's also quite a surprise, frankly, that Nicks is the real mainstay now. Buckingham often appears too tightly wound and muddled in his writing, while the ethereal hoo-hah of the old Stevie has been replaced with a down-to-earth, world-weary wisdom.

There are some fine songs here. Buckingham's questioning opener, "What's the World Coming To" and the melodic "Miranda" and "Bleed to Love Her," and Nicks' "Ilume (9-11)," "Throw Down," "Everybody Finds Out" and the closing lullaby, "Goodbye Baby," are the best. Put them together with a few Christine McVie songs, throw the rest out and you've got a killer Fleetwood Mac album.

Thanks to blinker12 for posting this to the Ledge.

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