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Rolling Stone (11/24/1983), "Random Notes"

Rolling Stone, November 24, 1983

Random Notes

Lindsey Buckingham: solo oddball

You can keep your Flashdance and Staying Alive LPs: our pick among current movie soundtracks is National Lampoonís Vacation, which features a smattering of rock classics from the Fleetwoods to the Ramones, and best of all, two new tracks from the hook-crammed brain of Lindsey Buckingham. We recently caught up with Buckingham at a post-performance bash (he skipped the show) for his Fleetwood Mac colleague and former paramour Stevie Nicks. He reported that heís already recorded "twelve or thirteen" songs for his second solo LP.

Buckingham admits that the track record of his producer, Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, the Cars), is "a lot more bravadoesque than my music." Still, Baker is also the new A&R chief at the revamped Elektra Records, and Buckingham noted that his involvement in the project is "good on the political level." And itís showing artisitc dividends as well: "Usually, my producers say, ĎYou canít do that - weíve got to sell some records.í But this time, I was trying to keep myself covered commercially, and Roy encouraged me to do more of my oddball stuff." In the offbeat category, he said, is "Playing in the Rain," tentatively described by Buckingham as "a four-section, formalized musique concrete thing with almost no vocals."

As for Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham says a new albumís a possibility late in í84, "but only if we can get some new juice in there. On that last record [Mirage], we should have progressed, but instead we just reacted against Tusk. It was pleasant but much too safe."

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