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Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/13/2001, Nicks, Crow wow Riverbend Crowd < Stevie Nicks < Main Page

Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/13/2001, Nicks, Crow wow Riverbend Crowd

Cincinnati Enquirer 7-13-01

Nicks, Crow wow Riverbend crowd

By Scott Moore

Enquirer contributor

Gothic garb was the costume du jour at Riverbend on Wednesday evening for Stevie Nicks' “Trouble In Shangri-La” tour.

The stage was draped in vines and lavender-colored flowers with an Eastern scenic backdrop (a la Shangri-La). Ms. Nicks opened in fine form with “Stop Draggin' My Heart Around,” clad in her trademark black dress. She eased her way through “Enchanted” and “Listen to the Rain” with the crowd singing along.

Sheryl Crow, who produced some of the songs on Ms. Nicks' new album, arrived on stage for “Destiny” and joined the band for several songs throughout the evening.

What Ms. Crow is doing singing back-up for anybody is a mystery to this writer. The question begs to be asked: Why wasn't Sheryl Crow headlining the tour?

Ms. Nicks said they had been looking for a way to tour together, where neither one had to be the warm-up act. The artists obviously respect each other and enjoy playing together. I just hope no one paid the $67 ticket price hoping to see Ms. Crow play a set of her own. All they got was two songs with Ms. Nicks' band.

After singing back-up on one tune, the audience was treated to the first Sheryl Crow solo of the night, “My Favorite Mistake.”

“Every Day Is a Winding Road,” Ms. Crow's smash hit, was the high point of the night. She stole the show, blew the roof off the joint, rocked the house, and (probably unintentionally) upstaged Ms. Nicks.

That's not to say Ms. Nicks put on a bad show. It was excellent and a genuine crowd-pleaser.

Jeffrey Gaines led the night off as a solo-acoustic performer, warming up the crowd with several soulful selections, including his passionate rendition of Peter Gabriel's “In Your Eyes.”

Some would argue that no one but Mr. Gabriel could do his signature song justice, but the crowd loved it. With the slightest hint of Ray Charles in his voice and his smile, Mr. Gaines proved that he's too honest a musician for this era of boy bands and nostalgia acts.

When the time came, he graciously carried his two acoustic guitars off the stage, making way for the headliner.

Thanks to CLMoon for sending this to us.

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