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Omaha Rainbow, Issue 20 (Spring 1979) O'Bsessions with John Stewart < Lindsey Buckingham < Main Page

Omaha Rainbow, Issue 20 (Spring 1979) O'Bsessions with John Stewart

Omaha Rainbow, Issue 20, Spring 1979

O’Bsessions with John Stewart
Interview with Tom De Lisle (John Stewart’s friend and associate)
by Peter O'Brien

[Speaking about the first time John met Stevie - ]

"Well, Stevie had been raised on The Kingston Trio.  In fact, she told
John, ‘If you knew how many hundreds of hours Lindsey made me sit and
listen to your albums!’"

[Speaking about Lindsey’s involvement with "Bombs Away Dream Babies" and
recording next door to Fleetwood Mac - ]
"Yes, without knowing it, John and Lindsey had been mutually admiring
each other’s work, although they had never met.  I found that Lindsey
was, like many of us, an absolute Kingston Trio freak and a tremendous
Stewart fan.  He can tell you what guitar John played on a given song.
Much of the Fleetwood Mac sound is based on the Trio.  They heavy rhythm
guitar up front with the lead guitar being played through the melody like
a banjo.  In fact, Lindsey plays lead guitar the same way you play a
banjo, and he based it on John’s Trio playing.  And I remember back in
1976, John was listening to Mac’s huge album and telling me he could hear
banjo licks being played on a guitar all through the album.  He’d say,
‘Listen to that, it’s like the Trio.’" . . . .

"Oh yeah.  In a sense, he (Lindsey) kind of co-produced it with John.  He
plays guitar on a lot of the songs and you’ll hear him singing quite a
bit.  Oh, I must point out that for a while Fleetwood Mac was recording
next door to where John was.  And one night, we went in to hear part of
their new album.  They put up a song of Lindsey’s called ‘Down the Road’
or something like that.  Anyway, it was absolutely devastating.  The
first song of the ‘80s.  It was like nothing John or I had ever heard.
Just an ass-kicker.  I felt like I did the first time I heard
‘Satisfaction’ in ’65.  Just a tremendous song, something you have to

(note: John Stewart’s version of the same story reveals the song Tom
remembers here is actually Lindsey’s "That’s Enough For Me" off the
Tusk album).

Thanks to Lesley Thode for sending this to us.

Date: 1977-04-01         Number of views: 1946

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