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Stevie Nicks performs at private concert, April 1, 2001, Web posted at: 9:10 AM EDT (1310 GMT)

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Admitting to being "a little nervous, but I'm going to hang in there," Fleetwood Mac member Stevie Nicks unveiled several new songs at a private concert Saturday.

Nicks, who turned 53 last Monday [sic], is on the promotional trail for "Trouble in Shangri-La" (Reprise), her first new solo album since 1994. It is due in stores on May 1.

Rocker Sheryl Crow, who produced some of the songs, put in a guest appearance as Nicks and her seven-member band played 12 songs for about 300 record industry types at a Hollywood rehearsal studio.

Inevitably, Nicks dusted off some of her Fleetwood Mac gems, including "Dreams," "Gold Dust Woman, "Rhiannon" and "Landslide," and solo hits "Stand Back" and "Edge of Seventeen."

She introduced Crow as a "really, really good friend and she saved my life on this record." They performed the new song "Sorcerer," which Nicks said she wrote in 1974 when she was a "prim" new arrival in Los Angeles.

They also performed a duet on the Crow-written song, "It's Only Love."

Nicks told Reuters after the show her nervousness passed after the second song. "Thank goodness, because if it didn't go away then that would really be a drag."

She said her personal highlight was performing the new song "Fall from Grace," which she described as a "rockin' drivin' blues song" in the style of 1960s rock duo Delaney and Bonnie.

Playing the old Fleetwood Mac stuff was also a thrill, Nicks said.

"Every time it's a different bunch of people that are in the band and in the audience, it makes the songs different. It brings different things out of the songs every time, otherwise I could never still be doing 'Dreams' and 'Gold Dust Woman,' and (be) totally enjoying it."

Nicks said she will begin a U.S. tour on June 29. She was on the road with Fleetwood Mac when the Anglo-American super group reunited with the 1997 concert album "The Dance." Plans for a new Fleetwood Mac album have been put on hold because the members were unable to lure Christine McVie out of retirement in England.

Nicks' last studio album was 1994's "Street Angel." She released a boxed set, "Enchanted," in 1998.

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