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Billboard, 9/5/1998, "The Eye"

 Billboard, September 5, 1998

'The Eye'

by Carla Hay

Stevie Nicks recently gave an electrifying performance for VH-1's 'Storytellers' series in New York. Nicks is the kind of singer/songwriter who is perfect for 'Storytellers,' and her remarkable openness with the audience made the performance even more special. Nicks chose a trilogy of songs that described her life:"After The Glitter Fades","Garbo",and "Rose Garden."She also talked about how the death of her friend Joe Walsh's child affected her so deeply that she wrote "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." Other songs like "Landslide", "Dreams","Stand Back","Gold Dust Woman",and "Edge Of Seventeen" were delivered with compelling emotional honesty.And for the first time in concert, Nicks performed a solo piano version of "Rhiannon" in a stunning finale that seemed to leave a permanent glow in the room. There were so many great moments that shouldn't be edited out of the final cut,so let's hope VH-1 can make this 'Storytellers' episode 90 minutes instead of the usual 60. Nicks candidly told Billboard,"As nervous as I was before the show,it was an amazing experience to be able to share my music like that. It was like playing for people at my house." A couple of nights later, Nicks joined Sheryl Crow during Crow's own 'Storytellers' taping for a riveting duet of Crow's hit, "Strong Enough." At press time,the premiere dates for the Nicks and Crow 'Storytellers' episodes have not yet been scheduled.

Thanks to Johnny Stew for posting this article to the Ledge and to Anusha for formatting and sending it to us.

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