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Allstar Music Magazine (08/15/1997), Mick Fleetwood Compiles Rumours Tribute Album

Allstar Music Magazine, August 15, 1997

Mick Fleetwood Compiles Rumours Tribute Album
Jewel, Elton John, & The Cranberries Contribute Songs

Mick Fleetwood is in the midst of overseeing a Rumours cover album, which will be a tribute to Fleetwood Mac's classic 1977 work released probably in 1998 on Lava/ Atlantic. According to Fleetwood, the album will feature Jewel on "You Make Loving Fun," which he says is "great" and already in the can, the Cranberries on "Go Your Own Way," and Elton John on "Don't Stop." 

"It's an idea that came from [Rumours producer] Richard Dashut, who has produced Fleetwood Mac for many years," says Fleetwood. "He reached out to me to help him put it together and that's what I've done. I'm very excited about it. There's about five or six other bands that would be sort of misleading to give, but it's happening. It's mostly younger artists, but when Elton expressed interest in doing it, I was just so flattered. He's going to play the shit... Imagine his piano playing on 'Don't Stop.' And No Doubt, we're hoping they're going to do 'Dreams,' and we're trying to persuade Sarah McLachlan to do it because I think she's very talented."
Reprise, the label that is releasing Fleetwood Mac's reunion album The Dance this Tuesday (Aug. 19), passed on releasing the Rumours tribute album. "Who knows [why]," says Fleetwood. "They might have thought it was confusing. I don't know. But Atlantic is basically the same company, and they got it."

Thanks to Jeff Kenney for the submission.

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