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Rocky Mountain News (04/09/1993)

Rocky Mountain News, April 9, 1993

By Justin Mitchell

In what might be described as a celebratory exorcism, ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham blew out the Boulder Theater Wednesday night, laying to rest any doubts anyone may have had about his decision to go his own way.

Before an adoring, sold-out crowd and backed by a nine-piece band with five guitarists (including Buckingham), three percussionists, bass and keyboards, he faithfully re-created the layers of guitars and voices that Fleetwood Mac could only approximate in concert and that he has used so well in creating his solo material. This was one of those rare concerts where everything clicked. The pacing and combination of songs from both Fleetwood Mac and his solo albums - most notably last year's Out of the Cradle - was faultless, veering between engaging, ornate acoustic intimacy and full-burner band numbers.

In black jeans and a black shirt, Buckingham began with an acoustic guitar and an intense, quick-picking version of the last Mac hit, Big Love, his quirky tenor voice going from soft to a scream. He recited some dark poetry before ratcheting up the emotional level for Go Insane, the title track from an earlier solo work.

"We've been waiting for you!" yelled an audience member as the song concluded. "I've been waiting myself," an exuberant Buckingham replied. "As long as no one yells out 'Go Your Own Way' too early we'll be OK." Not to worry. There was plenty of passion and elaborately- crafted pop for everyone: emotional renditions of Mac classics such as Tusk, The Chain and solo numbers such as Trouble, You Do Or You Don't. The concert hit a volcanic mid-show peak with I'm So Afraid, where Buckingham built a precise, heart-stopping, jaw-dropping extended solo on the stage lip, as his group built the tension and rhythms behind him.

He dropped the energy a bit for some acoustic solo segments (Rogers and Hammerstein's This Nearly Was Mine, a touching ode to his dead father, Street of Dreams and Never Going Back Again) then kicked into high gear again, urging his guitar mob into a choreographed call and response rampage that found them literally on the floor at the finish. The night closed with Go Your Own Way and several well-deserved encores, making it one of the finest concerts to grace the area this - or any - year.

Thanks to Les for posting this to The Ledge.

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