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Palm Beach Post (07/15/2005), Stevie Nicks goes own way with enchanting solo concert

Palm Beach Post, July 15, 2005

Stevie Nicks goes own way with enchanting solo concert
by Leslie Streeter

Once there was a girl who loved to twirl. She shook her tambourine and then some. When she stood she was very, very good, but when she twirled, she was awesome.

If you came to last night's Stevie Nicks show at Office Depot Center looking for ethereal backdrops, mystically cryptic lyrics and a beautiful witchy woman swathed in flowy black, you came to the right place. But it's not all dreams and gypsies in the realm of the Fleetwood Mac singer this woman can rock as well as twirl.

But the twirly parts were the best.

Nicks came armed with the best of her Mac and solo hits, including the lovely Enchanted, Dreams and a solid, gritty recreation of Stop Dragging My Heart Around, her duet with Tom Petty.

But something funny happened the more she sang every time she changed into a different outfit (all black and shiny, of course), she got more loose.

Her countenance, which was at first reserved and gave over to movement with only her swirling arms, turned to skirt-swishing, and then, during a joyously defiant Stand Back, to full-fledged spinning, as the crowd leapt to its feet in approval.

See? Awesome.

The evening got off to its lyrical start with Vanessa Carlton with just her sweet, strong voice and her piano. The young, lithe singer, best known for the lovely A Thousand Miles, thanked Nicks' fans for embracing her so much and acknowledged that she, too, was a Stevie devotee. Her set included the lilting Just A Day, and the bittersweet White Houses, about a young girl losing her virginity and gaining her confidence.

It was easy to see how Nicks inspired Carlton. Both write songs about deep, personal relationships with unabashed sentiment and occasionally over-the-top emotion. But that's what makes Stevie Nicks the legend she is.

She writes about being a woman in love, or a woman out of love, or a woman in a great big mess. And she does it in style the twirlier, the better.

Date: 2005-07-15         Number of views: 1964

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